Old Style Lenormand

Old Style Lenormand
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Old Style Lenormand
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Old Style Lenormand brings charming, vintage-looking illustrations to a modern Lenormand audience. The simple and concise imagery provides highly specific answers to your questions. Playing card insets increase the divination power of the cards. Old Style Lenormand is comprised of 38 cards (including two Man and two Lady cards). A 92-page illustrated booklet accompanies the deck. 

Alexander Ray is a popular Russian psychologist, writer and illustrator who creates divinatory tools that help people find their place in life. 

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    Box measures: 2.6" x 4", cards measure: 2.5"x 3.75"
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    Alexander Ray

What Customers Are Saying About Old Style Lenormand

What an absolutely lovely deck! Ray’s vintage-looking illustrations bring a sense of peace to those reading with them. The neutral color background creates a “safe place” for the reader and the client (which is not at all surprising, since Ray is a psychologist). This is a traditional 38-card deck, with two versions of the Lady, and two versions of the Gentleman (allowing personalization in readings). It is accompanied by a 92-page companion book.

Ray begins with a short history of the Lenormand deck, followed by commentary on reading with it. He points out the simplicity of its reading style and the fact that symbolism is kept to a minimum. Ray also gently insists that the reader respect the system – that there are subtle forces behind the cards that should only be used for really important matters. He also goes through the do’s and don’ts of asking the cards questions. At the end of the book two spreads are presented (the Open Book Spread and the Nine Witnesses Spread).

The backs have a neutral color background, with floral images in each of the four corners, with the deck name across the middle, and imagery above and below it.  

I love working with Lenormand decks, and I find this one to be gentle, easy to use, and one that clients can relate to well. Two thumbs up!

— Bonnie Cehovet, Certified Tarot Grand Master

Written and illustrated by popular Russian psychologist Alexander Ray, this 38-card deck relies on the basics of classic Lenormand tradition while updating the traditional imagery. Ray tells us that what differentiates Lenormand from other divination systems is the simplicity of the imagery. He explains it all in the included 92-page instruction booklet. The time is right for renewed interest in Lenormand and this is a perfect deck to meet that rising wave.

— Anna, InannaWorks

Beautiful cards! Perfect size, good card stock, pretty images, so easy to shuffle with. One of my best decks!

— Amazon Customer

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