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Napo Tarot
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This 78-card tarot deck was created to remind us of our connection to the Cosmos. The inspiration for the Napo Tarot is based in Argentinean myth, culture, and history. Just as the man from the Pampas knows what direction to take in the night by reading the stars, so too does the woman from the pueblo know how to intuitively read the archetypical images of the cards. The illustrations have been beautifully rendered by famed Argentinean artist Napo, who is known for his colorful and distinctive art style.

Includes 78 cards with titles in Spanish and English and 52-page booklet with tarot meanings in English.

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    Box measures 2.83" x 4.83"; 78 cards, 2.75” x 4.75”
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    EN & ES
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    Betty Lopez
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What Customers Are Saying About Napo Tarot

I ordered the Napo deck because I was bewitched by the vibrant colours. The images on screen are always deceptive because they are backlit and the originals can never be quite as luminous or incandescent. Even so this is almost the most artistically satisfying deck that I own. The interpretations follow the Rider-Waite faithfully. The English key word and the Spanish translation appear at the head and foot of each card in painted letters. Thus it is a good deck for beginners still needing a prompt and a strong projection of mood or story. Argentinian folklore is woven into these images which refresh the reader if he or she has become too accustomed to an Old World taxonomy. The illustrations are curved cubism - flagrantly futurist but as you gaze into them they are far from abstract. Passion and magic burst into every corner. All the characters in these images could only be from Latin America, they're almost pastiche. But they represent the here and now. Clients love these cards.

—Amazon customer

This deck continues to be one of my favorite. The colors and endearing imagery make this deck playful yet incredibly discerning. I particularly love the cups suit. Highly Recommended.

—Amazon customer

Love these cards. Every minor arcana has a custom illustration so they aren't so boring looking. Worth it!

—Amazon customer

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