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Morgan's Tarot
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Morgan's Tarot makes a comeback with its retro black and white drawings and 1960s "counterculture philosophy." Created in 1960 to transmit New Age consciousness and energy, Morgan’s Tarot was inspired by various spiritual traditions, especially Tibetan Buddhism, but most of the cards reflect direct experiences. This unique card deck departs from the structure of traditional tarot with messages that can be enjoyed in any order. The deck consists of 88 cards including a blank card that denotes the “white light of primordial consciousness that flashes between thoughts.” The 26-page booklet describes the meanings behind the cards messages. 

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    Box measures 2.825" x 4.575"; cards measure 2.75" x 4.5"
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    Morgan Robbins and Darshan Chorpash

What Customers Are Saying About Morgan's Tarot

I was going to buy a standard Rider Waite tarot deck, but after some research and reading the reviews, this sounded like a better deck for me to use, because it's as someone described earlier "a lighter and cleaner deck" with no heavy traditional symbolism, and is illustrated in a simple and creative way that allows for intuitive use. Down to earth, I found that this deck has no hard yes or no answers, it's more like nudges in the right direction, but if you're on the right track then it's Far Out! or Keep up the good work! What I love about this deck is that it will also let you know when to stop looking outside for answers or to stop looking for "signs" from the universe when common sense will do, so it does not create dependence for the user as an oracle with all the answers. The instruction book helps, I've also numbered the cards to match the instructions, but it's used more as a guide. It's good to use if you're on the fence about a situation.

—‘GJ”, Amazon customer

Morgan's has become one of my favorite decks. I recommend it to students and other readers. The deck itself is beautiful with crisp drawings. The guidebook can be difficult to navigate right away. But they're easy enough to learn. I love how funny and sassy it can be! A true classic!

—Scorpiorising, Amazon customer

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