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Lorenzi Tarot
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Lorenzi Tarot tells the story of our era: a time steeped in dualism between the ancestral realm and the modern world, where human beings strive to find a balance between nature and technology. Through powerful imagery, this stylish deck aims to reconcile conflict with harmony, light with shadow, and doubt with hope. The two Arcana realms communicate with each other, so we find characters that recur in the deck, passing from one card to another, between dystopia to dreams, creating their own evolutionary path. Includes 78-card tarot deck and 100-page book with full color illustrations.

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    Box measures 7.45” x 5.4”; 78 cards measure 3” x 5”
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    Irene Lorenzi

What Customers Are Saying About Lorenzi Tarot

The Lorenzi Tarot is beautiful. When I first saw the art, I was amazed at the detail on the cards. The color is vibrant and while the palette is limited the cards do not suffer for it. I’ll admit that I had mixed feelings about the flamingos throughout the deck when I received the deck. My first thought was somewhat delighted confusion. “Are those flamingos? Those are flamingos. Huh.” I am the product of the 80s and lived in parts of the US that flamingos were lawn decor of questionable taste. I decided that I’m delighted by the use of the flamingos. They are colorful and striking and it’s one of my favorite elements. Another thing I particularly liked was any time a heart is featured on a card, it is an anatomical heart. I was a little surprised by the number of hearts one could fit into a deck. One of the few places you see a heart shape is on The Lovers card.

The included guidebook is full color and offers traditional upright and reversed meanings. What I found most helpful was the brief commentary on the image and how it related to the card meaning as I couldn’t always determine the immediate meaning for a card. For example, I wasn’t sure what the 2nd figure in The Hanged Man was supposed to represent and the description was helpful. Could I have puzzled it out eventually? Yes, but I had the book handy so I looked it up.

All in all, I love this deck for the reasons I pointed out and is one I’m glad to add to my collection.
—Indie Deck Review

A modern deck combining the ancestral and contemporary worlds, each card here entwines fantasy with a modern element. The images are probably more suited to an advanced reader — they offer something very different as a reading experience. The prompt at the bottom of each card will help you to stay true to the meaning, but this could be the perfect deck to read intuitively — there is enough creativity within each image to work with. If you are looking for something completely different to a RWS-style deck, give these cards a thought.
—Kindred Spirit Magazine

For those looking for a non-traditional deck, this may be a deck you'd want to consider, this is a very non-traditional deck filled with lots of animals from birds to fish to mythological creatures from different realms mixed in with humans as well. Definitely a deck that gets you thinking and contemplating on each card and can take your reading to a whole different level, especially if you are doing readings for current events of our times.  It is the perfect deck to read for current events because the author created this deck "to tell the story of our era....where the modern world meets the ancestral one"....  having said that, it also reads well for personal readings as well, I find that it was accurate for the few personal readings that I did.  At first glance it may look like a difficult deck to read from, but if you take the time to acquaint yourself with it and read the guidebook, which explains in detail each of the cards, you will find that it will give you accurate readings.
If you are looking for a different deck other than the traditional decks to add to your tarot collection and to give you a new spin/perspective to your readings, you may want to consider this deck, it will definitely add a whole new dimension to your readings for sure!
Anne Ti, Tarot collector & YouTuber

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