Land of Giants Oracle
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Land of Giants Oracle
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Abandoned long ago by its human residents, Whitworth Hall in Northern England is now inhabited by the small folk who took over the estate and renamed it Lock Heart. The rooms and relics left behind in decaying splendor tell the stories of the land of giants. The tiny fairies and mystical creatures share their adventures in this 42-card oracle through powerful images, messages and lessons. The 56-page illustrated guidebook also includes three custom card spreads.

About the Creator

Born in Yorkshire, Northern England, in 1970, Steven Hutton grew up immersed in fantastical TV stories such as Doctor Who and films like Star Wars. His favorite school lesson was art, where his natural flair for drawing found fertile ground, nurturing his talents and love for imaginative storytelling. Pencils pointed the way all his life, sending him through the education system with only one goal in mind – to be an illustrator. His career path reflected this, culminating in a BA (1992) and then a MA (1998) in graphics and illustration, and in the wider world of ‘real life’ he established himself as an illustrator of children’s books for Oxford University Press and a classroom practitioner, delivering illustration workshops up and down the United Kingdom for children of all ages. 

His love of art and writing combined to create The Raven’s Wand Oracle for U.S. Games Systems (based upon his series of fantasy novels) and later in Land of Giants Oracle for the same publisher. Continuing his happy partnership with U.S. Games, his latest project, The Tarot of Bob, about a plastic duck that sails around the world, is due for publication sometime in the not-so-distant future.

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