Kids Yoga Adventure Deck

Kids Yoga Adventure Deck
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Kids Yoga Adventure Deck
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Parents' Picks Awards Best Products for Preschool Kids 2021

This vibrant color-coded deck takes kids through three imaginary adventures at the beach, in the zoo, and through India, with 14 cards per adventure. Along the way, kids learn how to do 42 fun yoga poses. As they twist, stretch, crawl and bend, kids improve their flexibility, balance and focus. Each card presents a lively scene with easy instructions for the yoga pose on the back of the card. The Kids Yoga Adventure deck includes instructions and suggestions for using the yoga cards one-on-one, with a few children, or in a group or class. Children as young as 3-8 years old will enjoy learning and demonstrating the playful yoga poses, which encourages physical activity and imagination.

Jennifer Carter Avgerinos is an author and yoga teacher certified in Hatha, Prenatal/Postnatal, Kids and Family yoga.

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    46 cards, 4” x 5”; Box, 4.4” x 5.4”
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    Jennifer Carter Avgerinos
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    Rachel McLean

What Customers Are Saying About Kids Yoga Adventure Deck

This deck is great!! My kids and I did all 3 adventures in one sitting which says a lot since they are 5 and 7 and tend to have short attention spans. They had so much fun and learned many new poses. My son has asked every day since then to do it and he wants me to bring it to his classroom to share with his friends. A wonderful, fun yoga adventure!

— K Richardson, Amazon customer

This yoga deck is perfect to use with kids of all ages! The poses have fun names and are so much fun to perform. I use this deck all of the time with students that I teach. I highly recommend this beautifully designed yoga deck for kids!

— Barbara T. Templeton, Amazon customer

Great way of parents, adults interact with kids. Jennifer’s yoga training and spiritual journey has been nothing but calming instrument in my life. I would say this card deck could be used between adults to built relationship and have fun! I know I will be using to practice

— Helos, Amazon customer

What a beautiful card deck with fun activities for the kids. Perfect for those days stuck indoors. I like the way it is broken up into 3 different categories. Not too long for the kids attention. Enjoying it with the family.

— Kim Holland, Amazon customer

This deck is a great way to introduce yoga to kids. The idea of adventure and the fun names of the postures will make it an exciting activity. As an avid yogi I look forward to "playing" with my grandchildren. Well done Jen!!

— N. Benzing, Amazon customer

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