In Dreams Oracle
In Dreams Oracle
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Inspired by ancient forms of dream divination, Russian fantasy artist Boris Indrikov created a uniquely captivating oracle deck. The beguiling artwork blends Boris’ signature surrealist flair with art nouveau elements that draw in the reader and ignite the imagination. The deck’s 40 main cards are divided into four color suits, with each group corresponding to a natural element and a sphere of human life. The bonus card is a special inspirational Joker. The illustrated 56-page guidebook offers oracular advice and empowering quotes.

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    Box measures 3.89” x 5.43”; 41 cards measure 3” x 5”
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    Boris Indrikov

What Customers Are Saying About In Dreams Oracle

Renaissance inspired fine art meets art nouveau and Russian surrealism in this oracle deck that you read prophetically in the same manner you would interpret dreams.

Blue bordered cards are from the suit of air, indicating an external event. Red bordered cards, fire, indicate action. Green, for water, indicates internal feelings and emotions. And yellow for the suit of earth represents the material world around you. 

I love the introductory method of divination instructed in the book: ask the cards, "Which way shall I move?" Then pull a single card. With this deck, one card readings is the recommended approach.

The companion guide book offers these beautiful and poetic little nuggets of wisdom that corresponds with each card draw. 

The artist was inspired by the I Ching Book of Changes, tarot, and the metaphorical maps he learned about during psychotherapy sessions. Indrikov is a Moscow-based fantastic realist painter, sculptor, and fabric designer.

What a magnificent 2021 deck release from the world of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

—Benebell Wen,

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