I have been fascinated with the symbols of the Tarot for over forty years.  The cards have been trusted companions whose advice I have taken to heart every day.  A few years ago I decided to explore psychological interpretations of the deck and wrote a book entitled Tarot Insights.  I've also created many collage Tarot decks over the years including Victorian, surreal, stained glass and steampunk designs. Many of these decks can be found in Stuart Kaplan's The Encyclopedia of Tarot Volume IV.


For the last few years I have been designing major arcana Tarot cards using costume jewelry. The sparkling jewelry was a perfect medium for the glitz of the art deco period, so I decided to create a deck featuring flappers and antique cars. I have completed fourteen additional majors only art deco Tarots and am presently working on an art nouveau deck. It is my hope that the sparkling images from the art deco Tarot presented here will brighten your day. I can be contacted at