Heavenly Bloom Tarot Deck
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Heavenly Bloom Tarot Deck
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Heavenly Bloom Tarot blossoms with inspiration from both the natural and fantasy realms. Beautiful floral elements throughout convey peace and optimism. Five groups hold influence over a suit and an elemental sphere, offering us diverse perspectives of life on Earth: a winged intellectual tribe; strong, fiery desert warriors; amphibious elemental spirits; and a druidic tribe of earth spirits. Lastly, humans also share their hopeful insights as stewards of our precious planet. Includes 78 rose gold gilt-edged cards and 72-page guidebook written by Noa Ikeda.

Noa Ikeda is a Japanese-American artist who currently resides in Montreal, Canada. Her illustrations appear on multiple mobile games and websites. Two of her tarot cards from this deck appeared first in Pride Tarot: A Collaborative Deck.

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    Box measures 3.125” x 5.625”; 78 cards measure 2.75” x 5.25”
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    Noa Ikeda

What Customers Are Saying About Heavenly Bloom Tarot Deck

The Heavenly Bloom Tarot was a breath of fresh air in my collection of tarot decks. The fantasy world created by Ikeda and portrayed in a 'manga-esque" fashion brought a wave of excitement and novelty in my practice. The artwork recreates the traditional RWS archetypes and symbology through the lens of fantasy world-building based on five different elemental tribes. The interpretation of the messages delivered by these fantastical creatures was extremely easy for me: The artwork and the little guidebook that accompanies this well-thought out and charmingly crafted deck are extremely approachable and easy to read. The deck itself, with its elongated shape, vibrant colors, and graced by gilded rose-gold edges that won't hurt your hands, is a pleasure to handle! My favorite suits are the Cups and the Laurels (the Coins suit is the only one that was renamed): I love the bright and ethereal representation of the water element (the emotional side of the human experience) and the earth element (the material aspect). The artwork features more close-ups in the minor arcana with vibrant blues and greens for Cups and Laurels, and darker tones for the suits of Swords and Wands, and they are therefore more clear and visually more appealing to me. All in all, a winner. I love it❤
Mina, Tarot Reviewer on YouTube: Mina's Bookshelf

I've been looking for a tarot deck for over ten years. None of them really called to me or fit what I was looking for. When I saw this deck, I thought I may have finally found the right one, and I think I was right!!

First of all, the art is BEAUTIFUL. I love the diversity of the characters in question, and I love the homemade lore behind the figures depicted (it's all in the little booklet that comes with the set, and the mythology the artist created is genuinely interesting to read). I also love that some kings are feminine presenting, and the set depicts both interracial and same-sex couples! I got excited any time I saw a character in a standalone card appear in another with another figure, because you can feel that a story is being told with this set even before you read the booklet.

In more practical terms, the set is sized about the same as others I've seen, has an easy-to-follow guide but can be interpreted using online tools as necessary (looking at you, Zen Tarot, for being impossible to interpret if you lose the guide). It also arrived relatively quickly and has gorgeous rose gilding around the edges. I'd be proud to show this deck off to anyone!

DG, Amazon customer

If you love kdrama or cdrama as much as I do then you will absolutely adore this deck. The artwork is fabulous and the energy of the deck is divine. I think the cups are my favorite suit and I love how the pentacles are now called laurels. This deck was created by Noa Ikeda and I just want to congratulate her on this amazing work. She is a Japanese American artist! Yay to more Asian deck creators in this space.
Pamela Chen, Author

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