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Heavenly Bloom Tarot Deck
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Heavenly Bloom Tarot Deck
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Pre-Order: Available Early June 2022

Heavenly Bloom Tarot blossoms with inspiration from both the natural and fantasy realms. Beautiful floral elements throughout convey peace and optimism. Five groups hold influence over a suit and an elemental sphere, offering us diverse perspectives of life on Earth: a winged intellectual tribe; strong, fiery desert warriors; amphibious elemental spirits; and a druidic tribe of earth spirits. Lastly, humans also share their hopeful insights as stewards of our precious planet. Includes 78 rose gold gilt-edged cards and 72-page guidebook.

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    Box measures 3.125” x 5.625”; 78 cards measure 2.75” x 5.25”
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  • Artist
    Noa Ikeda

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