Gjallarhorn: A Norse Oracle Deck
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Gjallarhorn: A Norse Oracle Deck
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The Norse Oracle Deck is both a guide and a tool. It is also an extension of you because in their highest form, the cards are conduits for forgotten wisdom to be remembered. Through this deck, the ancients speak again. This oracle is separated into three parts: Norse runes, deities and sigils, which can be used alone or together, depending on how you are called to interact with them. You may draw a single card from each category for daily guidance, use one of the spreads provided in the guidebook, or create your own spreads. Craft your own language of legacy and remembrance as you summon the power, mystery and wisdom within the Norse Oracle Deck. Includes 62 gilt-edged oracle cards adorned with gold foil embellishments and an 80-page hardcover book with spot varnish and gold foil accents.

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    62 cards measure 3.5” x 5”
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    Jillian Kristina
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    Matt Hughes

What Customers Are Saying About Gjallarhorn: A Norse Oracle Deck

I’m a big fan of Norse mythology, which makes having a copy of the upcoming Gjallarhorn Oracle to review even more exciting! If you’re someone who already loves- or wants to learn more about- Norse mythology and runes, you may want to set a reminder in your calendar for this deck’s official release date!
The 62 cards in this deck sport gold foil detailing that really adds to a magical feeling. Upon opening the deck, the cards were split into three distinct groups: the runes, the deities, and the sigils. I have found so far that this makes the deck really versatile, giving me the option to use each grouping as a different tool, to mix and match, or shuffle everything together for a general Norse theme. My favorite use so far has been shuffling together the rune and sigil cards to create more-so a deck of symbols, while also separately pulling a deity card as a guide for the reading.
The hardcover 80-page guidebook I’m finding does a fantastic job of striking the perfect balance between revealing some of the mythology behind each card and giving a meaningful divinatory meaning. I’m really excited to continue exploring this deck!
—Christa Chronicles, Deck collector & reviewer

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