Familiar Field Oracle
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Familiar Field Oracle
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Inspired by the animal kingdom, Familiar Field Oracle guides us through the spiritual realm to connect with the delightful creatures that inhabit this world. The 60 familiar animal archetypes from the land, sea and sky help you through your personal journeys and support your daily practices of mindfulness, communication, magic and introspection. Familiar Field Oracle is designed as an intuitive, easy-to-read tool with three descriptive keywords on each card for quick interpretations while also allowing room for exploration of deeper meanings.  The Familiar Field Oracle can easily be read on its own or in combination with The Field Tarot. Includes 60 colorful cards and 80-page guidebook.

About the Artist: Hannah Elizabeth Fofana is a graphic designer and artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her life-long love for all things tarot led her to create her first deck, The Field Tarot which was inspired by many elements of her own life. The Familiar Field Oracle naturally followed to further explore her love of nature and the animal kingdom. She has spent her career moving between agency, corporate, and freelance design settings, but has always strived to make time for various creative endeavors on the side.

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    Hannah Elizabeth Fofana
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