Ethereal Visions Tarot: Luna Edition
Ethereal Visions Tarot: Luna Edition
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In creating Ethereal Visions Tarot, Matt Hughes has drawn inspiration from the Art Nouveau movement, adopting its distinctive style and meticulous approach to craftsmanship. The artist created two additional cards to supplement the traditional Major Arcana. Every detailed image in the 80-card deck is hand drawn and colored. This Luna Edition includes revised artwork reflecting greater diversity and each card is illuminated with iridescent silver foil stamping. Includes a 140-page expanded, full-color guidebook.

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    Box measures 5.5" x 3.25" x 1.75"; 80 cards measure 5" x 3"
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    Matt Hughes

What Customers Are Saying About Ethereal Visions Tarot: Luna Edition

This deck has the same flexible cardstock that I've come to expect from U.S. Games. The cards are about the size of a standard tarot deck and they are very easy to shuffle. It also comes in a very sturdy box with finger holes on the sides. There are 2 additional Major Arcana cards that were specially created by the artist; making this an 80 card deck! Every card is hand drawn and colored with exceptional attention to details.
What I love the most about this deck is the cultural diversity! Great care and attention went into making sure that this deck is inclusive. There are a lot of examples, but one of my favorite is the 10 of Cups. It features an interracial couple. One of them appears to be nonbinary and they have the cutest little baby. Similarly, the King of Swords is an older gentleman of Native American descent. Likewise, this deck is not rigid with gender roles. For example, the Magician is usually represented by a man. But, in this deck it is a beautiful woman of African descent.
This deck is soft, gentle, and beautiful. It does have a border, but it is not overpowering and actually adds to the richness of the cards. I highly recommend it to any who enjoys the elements mentioned above. It is a great collector's item. And, it's perfect for intuitive readers, beginners, and professional readers.

Queen Auset-Heru, Tarot Reader/Collector & YouTuber

I loved the original deck and backed the Kick Starter version. Wonderful art and diversity.

Marcia H. USGS Customer

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