Crystal Blessing Cards
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Crystal Blessing Cards
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Wherever you are on your spiritual path, this 70-card deck will help you develop a rapport and love for the crystal kingdom. Each Crystal Blessing card features a photo of the crystal, a description of its meaning and benefits, and a powerful affirmation. You may pick a single card to receive a crystal message for the day, or use the cards as an oracle deck for insight and guidance about a situation.

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    Box measures 5.17” x 3.14”; 71 cards measure 2.75” x 4.72”
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    Valencia Chan
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What Customers Are Saying About Crystal Blessing Cards

This is an excellent deck for those looking to gain more knowledge and learn about crystals and gemstones.  Each card features a beautiful life-like image of each stone/crystal in stunning colors and clarity.  Each card also comes with an affirmation associated with the stone along with a keyword representing the stone as well.  This is a one-of-a-kind crystal deck in the sense that it's not only educational, teaching about each stone, but can also be used for divination purposes due to the key words on each card, which can be used as clarifier cards in a tarot reading or just as a stand-alone deck, giving great 'advice' / messages for each situation you may be inquiring the cards about.
—Anne Ti, Tarot collector & YouTuber

Between the two decks by this creator (Crystal Message Cards and Crystal Blessing Cards), I think that this deck is the one with the more ‘as above’ messages while the crystal messages cards have more ‘so below’ messages. With keywords like indigo children, fairy magic, aura cleansing, and clairvoyance, we definitely get a deck that is made more for accessing guidance for your higher yourself. I haven’t noticed any repeats in crystals, messages or keywords so that means that both decks can definitely be used either together or in tandem. I love that all of the words are on the front of the card. This makes them easy to use in any type of situation.
—Robyn's Reflections, Tarot collector & YouTuber

These cards were very unexpected for me. I don't usually do a lot of crystal related work.
I was pleasantly surprised by not only the amount of crystal cards in the deck but by how easy it is to use as both an oracle deck and as a learning tool! The cards have a matte finish and are easy to shuffle. They come in a 2 part box. They don't have a book because all the info is actually on the card themselves and it works out great. My favorite thing about this deck is not only the knowledge, but that each card has an affirmation that represents the crystal on the card as well.
This is great for beginner crystal workers like myself or anyone who uses affirmations.
—Summer Ross, AstariaSen on YouTube
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