Buddha Wisdom, Shakti Power

Buddha Wisdom, Shakti Power
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Buddha Wisdom, Shakti Power
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This elegant set presents sacred figures from the Buddhist and Hindu pantheon of deities to help us with our earthly challenges. The colorful cards were created from Santi’s thangka paintings, done in the ancient Asian style. With their powerful messages, the 50 cards may be used for prayer and meditation work, as well as learning about Buddhist beliefs and practices. Set includes 50 cards and 92-page illustrated guidebook.

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    Laura Santi

What Customers Are Saying About Buddha Wisdom, Shakti Power

The little booklet that accompanies this deck has an introduction by the author that states that the deck "contains a smattering of the diverse pantheon of Buddhist and Hindu deities, bodhisattvas, mandalas, demons and historical figures" ... and "is a microcosm of the world at large, and a sort of "Buddhism 101," with a little Hinduism for spice." I have to say that it is exactly that! It is a very inspiring way to learn about ourselves and the world around us, the deities, etc. themselves, and to move through the world in our day to day lives, and grow. I read and enjoyed every single word in the introduction, the pages about each card, the info in the back of the book about Laura and her inspiration, and the history of Thangkas. I love working with the cards every time I pick them up, which is often. The artwork is absolutely stunning. Laura is a very talented artist, and very knowledgeable about the content. I gave a deck to a few friends as gifts and am receiving reports of how much they are loving the cards, the info in the booklet, and their amazement at the beautiful artwork on each card.

If you are interested in Buddhist or Hindu art or philosophy, you will likely love this deck. I highly recommend it!

— Amazon Customer

These cards are amazing full of love full of wisdom beautifully delivered as i went through each card from begining to end my heart chakra luminated and swelled filling my body mind and soul with all the forgotten wisdom hidden behind unconscious blocks thank you Laura namaste and great work.

—The Norseman Grey Wolf

This is a lovely deck - all the thangkas are beautifully detailed. The companion booklet is well-written. All-around: such a delight!

—Davera Gabriel

I love this beauty of a deck! And so beneficial for learning about lesser known deities.

—Jen K

I love these cards so much! I love being able to learn about new deities and energies. The artwork is gorgeous and I love the affirmations at the bottom of each card.


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