Blank Tarot Cards
Blank Tarot Cards
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Unleash your inner artist with this deck of 80 blank cards! Make your own tarot deck, oracle deck, playing cards or original game deck. Also perfect for creating flash cards, educational cards, recipe cards and many other projects. The cards are round-cornered, with plaid card backs that resemble the classic Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. The cards have a water-based playing card varnish that works well with markers, pens, crayons, colored pencils and paint. Pencil, watercolors, acrylic paint markers, and metallic markers also work well with these cards.

May be used with laser printers; however, use with inkjet printers may require additional drying time and may smudge. Dry-erase markers are not recommended.

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What Customers Are Saying About Blank Tarot Cards

Perfect for simple messages from spirit, ancestors or your divine counterpart. It shuffles beautifully.
—Nora P.

I literally LOVE these. They dry super duper fast, they are the perfect size, and I just got them today and I already used them all....

Good card stock, great for making your own card deck. These cards are well made—not too thick, not too thin, perfect for drawing your own images. They're the same size as my Rider Waite Tarot deck, with the same plaid blue backing. I haven't tried drawing any images on them yet, but they seem matte enough to do it if that's what you have in mind for use. Good card stock and they riffle shuffle good without bending or damaging the cards.

Got these to create my own Oracle/Tarot decks. They're not too big & not too small. I used Sharpies/magic markers & the ink dries fast so there were no smudges! They don't get bent & wrinkled while shuffling. I will be buying more & recommend them. Have fun being creative!
Amazon customer

Pretty backs on blank tarot cards make this product stand out. While there are many blank tarot cards to choose from on Amazon, there are few products which offer a design on the backs of the cards. I chose this one based on the card design on the back. I am pleased by the choice. The design on the back is pleasing and the blank face is taking my collage stickers really well.

I used these to make a homemade Tarot deck. Perfect size and weight and the pattern on the back is the same as a Rider-Waite-Smith deck I had back in the 80s so it gives me a good amount of nostalgia. These shuffle well. I made my deck using black sharpie and colored pencil (the pencil takes several runs to get onto the card and is VERY light, but does eventually get on there and stays just fine). They do have a coating, so you're fairly limited with what can go on them. Alcohol inks will work as well, but will dry very quickly so it's hard to get them to look decent (for me anyway). All in all, I'm very pleased with these cards and they worked really well (better than I thought they would, actually). Will be buying these again for future prototype decks!
Maggie McCall

It's a fun project though and it's got me inspired. I used gel pens and they worked pretty well, just a little tricky. Pencil shows up surprisingly well considering the cards have a slightly slick texture. I also sprayed the finished card with a clear gloss acrylic to protect it from possible smudging.
Amazon customer

Very good card stock! Item just as advertised! "Average" tarot card size. The front finish is great for pencil, pen, marker (though I would be careful as it might smear a little), and certain paints. I would 10/10 recommend these and will be buying more in the near future!
Terri Boggs

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