Afro Goddess Lenormand Oracle
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Afro Goddess Lenormand Oracle
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Introducing the Afro Goddess Lenormand Oracle Deck by Andrea Furtick, creator of the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas. Andrea expertly teaches modern readers the magical language of Lenormand with this vibrant deck, enhanced with gold glitter edges and spot varnish card backs for an added touch of elegance. This 37-card deck includes a bonus Ankh card, signifying spiritual rebirth and personal alchemy. The comprehensive 92-page guidebook provides detailed meanings and nuanced readings in the areas of love, career and health matters. Clear instructions are also offered for an array of card spreads including the Grand Tableau.

About the Author:

All emotions and feelings are derived from our individual sense of perception. When one can truly make a unique connection with a visual image, that demonstrates the power of art. However, when that art holds within it a profound inner message that can shake the core of one’s viewpoint, that is the power of fine artist and author, Andrea Furtick. 

With use of intense color, ancient and modern symbolism, a diverse array of melanated skin tones, and dreamy, thought-provoking dialog this South Carolina native turned Atlanta (Ga.) “spiritual storyteller” has created a visual catalog of divination decks, tools, books and products that speak directly to the soul in a way that is intensely elevating, mystical and evolutionary.

Affectionately called the Art.Goddess.Drea, Andrea has used her work since 2016 to bridge the gap between today’s culture and traditional divination practices. Her work constantly strives to realign ill-informed views through the transformation of traditionally intimidating structures. She presents positive symbolism for thought-provoking divination systems that are designed to motivate and inspire today’s modern spiritualist to journey towards their best self. 

For through her energetically expressed creations, thousands around the world have found themselves experiencing visual art, and consequently their own views, with new and expansively compelling insights. Tis visual poetry at its absolute finest, and by Andrea Furtick’s brush and pen, she presents a gateway to profound perspective shifts.

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    Andrea Furtick
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