Wisdom from the Epics of Hind
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Wisdom from the Epics of Hind
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This intriguing set presents insight from Indian stories, teachings, sutras and legends, as well as the wisdom from the classic Hindu epics the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The colorful 50-card deck includes 25 female and 25 male cards. For each, the illustrated book offers the story synopsis, questions to explore, actions to take, and messages for the reader. Wisdom from the Epics of Hind can be used by anyone as a dynamic self-help tool for therapeutic purposes or as a powerful oracle deck for divination and inspiration. Includes 50 cards and 172-page book. 

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    Box measures 4.4” x 6.4”; 50 cards measure 3” x 5”
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    Pankhuri Agarwal
  • Artist
    Rahul Das

What Customers Are Saying About Wisdom from the Epics of Hind

The deck is stunningly beautiful. I love these beautifully Illustrated cards! A lot of thought must have gone into the highly detailed artwork and well thought out concepts. The colors and intensity of the colors are magnificent! My go to deck for any questions in day to day life. The small book that comes with the deck has explanation so clear that it helps you instantly answers the question. What I especially like about it is that the symbology has been stripped down to its purest essence. You can layer them together to see a whole story! Definitely adds another dimension to the way I read and understand tarot. I always wanted to learn tarot and this is a beautiful beginning for self learners.

Sahithya G., USGS customer

The deck brings out deep wisdom in a very simple but powerful way. The cards have unbelievably beautiful visuals of Indian mythology, and the guide book connects them to everyday life in a very easy and straightforward way. The guidance in each card is so simple, intuitive, wise and well thought out. Highly recommend this deck for anyone interested, no experience in Oracle or Indian mythology or spirituality necessary.

Meyya M., USGS customer

“These cards are rich with insights and wisdom from Indian legends and Hindu epics! They will transport you into another world, while also anchoring you to your current reality…I love the equilibrium of 25 female and 25 male cards – the perfect Yin-Yang balance! I’m in love with this deck…The artwork by Rahul Das is exquisite! Anyone who’s into divination should get a copy right away! I won’t be surprised if they become a household name one day.”

—Amreen C.

“The deck is very beautiful, the image feels like returning to the wild, early days. The message of the card is quite subtle and humane when combined with the honest image of the card. The shuffle is very smooth and easy to use. The feeling is increasing the frequency for yourself."

—Mystic House, Vietnamese bookstore

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