Woven Spirit Oracle
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Woven Spirit Oracle
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Connect with Universal Energy

Woven Spirit Oracle reminds us that as humans we are integral threads in the rich tapestry of life. Intended to help you in the here and now, these 52 card images vibrate with the energetic colors of our magical universal homeland. The ethereal imagery and mindful messages help us connect with the subtle energies all around us. By tuning into these natural resonances, we can be guided to make choices beneficial to ourselves, to others and ultimately to the Earth itself. Includes 52 cards and 116-page full-color illustrated guidebook.

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    Box measures 3.38” x 5.18”; 52 cards measure 3” x 4.8”
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    Lorraine Sadler

What Customers Are Saying About Woven Spirit Oracle

One for the lovers of color language, chakra energy, and spirit plant allies. This oracle deck combines them all— lovingly.
Lorraine Sadler's vibrantly colored artwork celebrates the interconnectedness between  the human spirit and the natural world. The artwork features beautiful close-ups of flowers, whimsical and surrealistic portrayals of the human figure, and abstract landscapes where the earthly meets the cosmic. Sadler's poetic contemplations grace the guidebook with messages and card meanings that provide spiritual guidance and food for meditation.
The deck is stunning and vibrant, the messages in the guidebook are robust and full of wisdom. The production values are consistent with the high quality standard you can expect from this publisher.

Mina Decaro, tarot reader & YouTuber

This is a 'feel good' deck, all you have to do is flip through the deck and look at the happy, vibrant floral illustrations and it will uplift your mood!  Besides being an instant mood uplifter with its beautiful, vibrant floral illustrations, I find this deck is also very inspirational and provide excellent messages for self-reflection and introspection. The messages are full of wisdom that help you see things from nature's perspective and gently guide you on a higher path, a path that you may not have considered without having read the message or messages, it's like a gentle nudge from the Universe to course correct yourself, your outlook and your thinking, elevating it to a higher level from the Universe's Perspective. A very lovely deck that is the perfect size for my petite hands to easily shuffle and the U.S. Games cardstock is excellent for riffle shuffling for all those who like to riffle shuffle.  If you feel drawn to this deck, I would recommend getting it as I have no doubt you would enjoy it as much as I did!

Anne Ti, Tarot collector & YouTuber

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