Wise Dog Tarot
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Wise Dog Tarot
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From the creator of Crow Tarot

Wise Dog Tarot was created as a tribute to the unconditional love and loyalty of dogs, large and small. Inspired by the symbolism of Rider-Waite, these 78 vibrant tarot cards help connect us to the wisdom and intuition that dogs are eager to share with us. Using this unique tarot deck as a healing tool, we can tap into the protective energy dogs bring into our lives, learn to be more in the moment like them, and embrace their pure joy.

Includes 78-card deck and 64-page guidebook with ideas for single- and three-card readings.

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    Box measures 3.4” x 5.5; 78 cards measure 3” x 5.125”
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    MJ Cullinane
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What Customers Are Saying About Wise Dog Tarot

In addition to unconditional love, dogs bring humans the gift of loyalty and protection. MJ Cullinane, creator of the fabulous Crow Tarot, has captured the essence of the special blessings that are bestowed by dogs. From The Fool’s  ability to embrace the moment, to The Hanged Man’s shift in perspective, to The World’s push to see the new beginning in every ending, these irresistible canines connect us with the healing tools we need.

Cullinane’s high energy illustrations tell readers everything they need to know. The traditional Rider-Waite-Smith tarot anchors the wisdom they contain. Great for seasoned tarot readers as well as newcomers, the deck contains something for everyone. Most of all, it will lift your spirits.

—Anna Jedrziewski, TarotWise.com

As a dog lover, I cannot speak more highly of this deck! Made by the same maker of Crow Tarot, the images are very colorful & vivid. The little book that comes with it is helpful, and far more substantial than most traditional tarot decks. If you are considering this deck for your store, or yourself, I say go for it!

Catherine F., USGS customer

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