Wild Woman Rising Oracle
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Wild Woman Rising Oracle
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Thrival, Not Survival
You’ve made your way to this deck, which means Wild Woman is alive in you. Use these 44 cards and 104-page guidebook as a siren’s cry to connect with her, court her wisdom and conjure her presence as it lives in your own wildish nature. Though she has been trivialized and truncated, Wild Woman comes when called. May this deck be a battle cry and a peace song as it companions your courtship. In an era when so many are clamoring that the end is at hand, the truth is that the beginning is near. For there is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise. It’s your time. Rise, woman.

Special Features
Gold gilt-edged cards
Organza pouch
Magnetic hinged box with gold foil stamping

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    Angi Sullins
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    Jena DellaGrottaglia
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What Customers Are Saying About Wild Woman Rising Oracle

A very powerful deck for women to remind them of the power that they have inside, especially the ones who have lost their power, or have given their power away. This is a good deck to do daily draws to remind you of the power you have within. or if you are battling a certain situation and you need advice or guidance on how to best handle the situation. I found it to be a very inspirational deck that was quite accurate in its message to inspire with whatever I was going through on each particular day. I was quite surprised how on point the messages were! A deck that will definitely inspire and empower you to bring out your warrior woman spirit within!
Anne Ti, Tarot collector & YouTuber

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