The Way Seekers Tarot
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The Way Seekers Tarot
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The Way Seekers Tarot artfully pays homage to classic tarot traditions, including the simplicity of Marseilles and the rich symbolism of Smith-Waite. Powerful figures in the Majors and the Court cards take their inspiration from Greco-Roman mythology and offer bold new perspectives for the Way Seeker. Each hand-drawn illustration in this 78-card deck is enlivened with jewel tone color accents. The 60-page booklet offers tarot seekers profound guidance, with both traditional associations and applied interpretations for each card.

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    Box measures 3” x 4.7”; 78 cards measure 2.75” x 4.5”
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    Anna Jedrziewski
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What Customers Are Saying About The Way Seekers Tarot

If you are a lover of Marseilles as well as Rider Waite Smith, this deck would be the perfect deck for you! The minor cards have a 'pip' like feel, however there are also images on each card that has the RWS Symbolism in them to trigger your memory as to what is the equivalent of that card in the RWS System. The deck is beautifully done with a Greco-Roman feel with hand drawn illustrations that are simple yet readable. Each card has an 'old' vintage feel to them with light gray faded borders around each card with a splash of color in each that makes the cards pop and creates a beautiful layout during your readings. This deck will not disappoint if you are looking for a deck to fulfill your love for both the Marseilles and RWS System but yet still simple and colorful.
—Anne Ti, Tarot collector & YouTuber

I couldn’t put this one down. First of all the size fits perfectly in my hands, making the physical use very comfortable for me, as I have small hands. The colors are perfectly placed on the cards so as not to be too bright but to instead enticed me to notice colors in the surrounding cards. I had a lot of fun thinking my way through these chatty, airy readings. Although some of the cards are pip style, I would say that most of them have an abstract illustration which gives an interesting interpretation of the meaning of the cards and because of that I would not say that this one read like a pip deck for me. The illustrations definitely influenced and lead my mind to the best places, and really encouraged an intuitive reading style in me. This is the kind of deck that I feel like would be something I could pull out for anyone and it would land peacefully. The artwork is pointed but also dreamlike, classical but also modern…and since it walks the line between a few different dualities, I believe a querent could resonate with it easily. I’ll be working with this one for a long time to come.
—Robyn Isaacs, Tarot collector & YouTuber

Upon first glance, The Way Seekers Tarot may appear to be another rendition of the Original Rider–Waite® Tarot. However, upon closer inspection, subtle elements of a Marseille deck become apparent. The Minor Arcana cards, while minimalistic in their depiction of humans, still convey effective and captivating narratives. Take, for example, the Six of Cups, traditionally illustrating children entranced by cups overflowing with flowers. In this rendition, artist NDR has chosen to omit the children, instead focusing on highlighting the beauty of the cups and the flowers blooming from them in a Greco-Roman style. While some readers may miss the traditional compositions of the Original Rider–Waite® Tarot, The Way Seekers Tarot challenges conventions, prompting us to seek deeper significance in the absence of human figures.

The accompanying guidebook, though standard in its explanations of the cards, offers substantial information and insights into the artwork. Author Ann Jedrziewski has also included an intriguing, energy-driven spread at the guide’s end — The Generator Spread — providing information on how energy influences specific situations or events.

While I wouldn’t recommend this deck to newer practitioners of tarot due to its liberties taken with the Minor Arcana cards, I would highly encourage those who need an “unlock” with their practice to give this deck a spin. With its subtle nuances and primary color palette, The Way Seekers Tarot will no doubt offer more experienced readers a fresh perspective to enrich their tarot journey with new depth and clarity.
—Nick Jacobs, PageofCups on Instagram

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