Phantasma Tarot
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Phantasma Tarot
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From Paulina Fae (aka Paulina Cassidy)

Phantasma Tarot draws you into the colorful world of daydreams and magical visions, where kindred spirits guide you on an exciting journey through the 78 cards of tarot. You will learn a great deal about yourself from these mentors and mystical creatures. 

The 76-page guidebook shares their messages and life lessons, as well as instructions for two Phantasma Tarot spreads.

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    Box measures 3.375" x 5.438"; Cards measure 3" x 5"
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    Paulina Fae

What Customers Are Saying About Phantasma Tarot

Paulina (Cassidy) Fae’s intensely-feathery style remains distinctive in an increasingly crowded (and imitative) illustrative field. Perhaps it’s the intricacy of her lacy pen work, or maybe it’s the subtle coloring that lift’s her ink drawings off the page, or is it the spirit beings she communicates for, that make her artwork difficult to replicate. Whatever it is, you can always tell a Paulina when you see it.

Based on the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith format, this deck provides a familiar foundation for those who rely on that comfortable starting point. From there, the deck takes off and offers readers a series of portals through which they may enter a magical world of fantasy, faith, and universal connection.

This deck is a treat on so many levels. It will prove useful to readers of all levels of expertise and interest.
—Anna Jedrziewski,

The Phantasma Tarot was a really fantastical and inspiring deck to work with. I've spent weeks playing with these cards from daily readings to moon readings to in between fun readings. In each one the cards didn't let me down. They read softly but realistically despite the fantastical aspects of the very beautiful art. I have several of Paulina's decks and this one is by far my favorite because not only is the art so beautiful, but it reads so smoothly for me. There's 2 spreads within the booklet of this deck. The book is small but powerful with plenty of insight into the cards. 
For someone with small hands, this deck is a bit long to riffle shuffle, but when shuffling the cards were more than willing to jump out and talk to me. The only real criticism I have is I wish the art colors were a little more vibrant. Phantasma Tarot is a great deck for anyone looking for fantasy fae style art and enjoys readings with a more inspiring tone.

—Summer Ross (AstariaSen), YouTuber
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