Wisdom of the Wild Things Oracle
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Wisdom of the Wild Things Oracle
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A legendary author once showed us Where the Wild Things Are. While you can search the pages of story, climb the mountains and swim the oceans of our planet to seek them out, the original wildlings live in the realm of psyche. Critters of all shapes and sizes dwell there, and our lives are better if we seek to discover and under­stand them. Use the oracle cards and the lushly illustrated guidebook to discover the wildlings of your own inner forest of psyche. Dare to join the wild rumpus!

Set includes 45 silver gilt-edged cards, 112-page full-color guidebook and organza drawstring pouch.

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    Box measures 4.25” x 6.25”; 45 cards measure 3” x 5”
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    Angi Sullins
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What Customers Are Saying About Wisdom of the Wild Things Oracle

First Impressions: My first thought is that this deck is so weird and I absolutely love it!! I love the creatures and how they are odd, even at times a bit disturbing (but not in the way you might imagine) and yet so beautiful. And I believe that is the true essence of these cards; there is beauty in all things, experiences, and especially feelings. Perhaps you have to dig deeper to find the light; it won’t always be apparent especially if it’s covered in darkness but there is light in everything you will ever face if you’re willing to look for it. When I say weird, it’s only because it’s different from what is considered “normal.” But imagine if we all looked like the creatures in this deck. That would then be normal. Its all about perspective and I rather suspect that is the deepest healing potential of all; there is no such thing as normal. When I say disturbing, I mean it more like it unsettles a part of your soul or psyche. Certain cards felt like they were an alarm clock for the parts of my spirit I may not have wanted to deal with right now. Not even things like anger or sadness but themes such as self-worth and self-kindness. Things like that can be just as hard to face at times. I often say, negative self-talk is the ego bullying the spirit and I’m not sure many of us really want to have to confront that, even if it is in the name of self-care. But I get the sense you can’t not do the work of self-love when using this deck. As usual, let’s start with packaging. I am so happy with the packaging I’m seeing coming out of U.S. Games Systems. The box is lovely with a magnetic closure. Inside, you’ll find a nice space to hold the cards along with a ribbon to make it easier to pull them out. Something I found interesting is the little muslin baggy. It’s an alternative if you don’t want to keep your cards in the box. I personally do not keep my cards in bags if I can help it but I really appreciated that little bit of extra something and I think its a nice touch if you are someone who likes to keep your cards in bags. Perhaps my favorite detail is the dark grey gilded edges. It’s such an unusual color which really supports the theme of the deck. It could have been something “prettier” like a red or green but the design team chose grey and I love that. I may be biased since grey and beige are my favorite colors but putting that aside, I think it was a great branding choice. I really think it fits the mood and tone of the deck and I find myself smiling just a little, every time I see it. The guidebook is full color gorgeousness. There are big, juicy images of the cards and in fact, the images in the guidebook are just ever so slightly smaller than the cards themselves. So you’ll have no trouble finding the card you’re looking for but don’t worry, they are numbered. I know that seems like the norm but I recently bought a deck that isn’t numbered or alphabetized so it’s kind of challenging to find the card’s meaning. I’m sharing that review in March. Anyway, back to this, you’ll find endearing poems spread throughout the book as well as additional wild things. I think this deck is for you if you’re not afraid to embrace your weirdness. Your “otherness.” It’s a beautiful deck and as is the case with all of my favorites, I could talk about this one for hours and my favorite cards will probably change every time I bring it out. Working with it has been such a roller coaster of emotions. I have actually cried from pulling some of the cards. Angi does such a great job of posing questions which challenge everything you think you know about yourself and how to live. This deck really pushes you to be your truest self in every way possible. During my interview with the deck, I was told working with Wisdom of the Wild Things is going to be a journey of finding my worth and reframing my narrative. That was my personal reading but I do believe that is what you will find as well. I truly believe this is the deck of the Age of Aquarius, at the very least one of them. This is a great deck for unlocking your self-worth. I had a publisher (not my own) tell me that no one cares about self-worth and I think that is absolute bullshit. Everyone cares but so few know how to find it. And this deck feels like a great place to start if you’re dealing with your own battle of self-worth or feelings of shame, resentment or sadness.  If that is the case, please give this one a try.
—Lorriane Anderson, Author of Seasons of the Witch Oracle, Blogger at spiritelement.co

Honestly, I've fallen in love with all these creatures! Looking at the [cards] immediately feels like each of these magical creatures are talking to you. And truly, they reflect our inner monsters, the shadow sides and hidden corners of the subconscious.
Oracle deck collector on Instagram

This is not my first time around the block with Sullins, so I’m not surprised at how beautifully complete and uniquely built for a specific mental space this deck reads for me. For me this deck feels like a practice for showing yourself grace, and finding the purpose and joy in that practice. It offers supportive words for living your life as the best possible person you can be, wherever you happen to be. It’s gentle but exacting. The book softly taps at the back of your mind just enough to help you access a part of your brain that you may need to clear cobwebs out of so that you can shine some light on the things that might be hiding away. Dusts them off, drags them out, ‘invites them to tea,’ as she says. Most of the messages make me feel strong. Or perhaps I should say they remind me to be strong, even while still encouraging me to be vulnerable. It’s a rollercoaster ride and I’m here for it.
Robyn's Reflections, Tarot collector & YouTuber

A nice, cute and fun monster themed deck that reads quite accurately well.  I was quite surprised how accurate it read although it was a fun whimsical like monster deck. The packaging was a beautiful presentation that comes in a magnetic hard case box with a bonus green organza bag for your cards and a nice larger size colorful guidebook with semi-gloss pages. This was a pleasant surprise and a welcome addition to my growing oracle deck collection.
Anne Ti, Tarot collector & YouTuber

Wisdom of the Wild Things takes us on a journey through our own psyche, personifying the many feelings and emotions that are currently hidden from our conscious thought. In the world of this oracle, our mind is a mysterious, fantastical Forest- an analogy I greatly appreciate as a lover of all things woodland! I’ve so thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this deck over the last few days. Each card holds a unique creature that feels like it acts as a guide for me, leading me toward what needs to be surfaced. Something that feels unique to me is how I never feel fully surprised at what comes up- I’m shown exactly what I’m ready to face and heal. 
—Christa Chronicles, Tarot collector & YouTuber

This deck was a big surprise to me. I'm not going to lie I wasn't drawn to this artwork at all to begin with. I have a lot of Angie Sullins decks and I have loved every single one of them because the writing is so phenomenal, so I decided to keep an open mind and read through the book. I was pleasantly surprised at what I found within its pages. This deck is so empowering and deep, which I wasn't expecting because the reason I wasn't drawn to the artwork is because it seemed like it was coming from the mind of a child, which really isn't my thing. I did love the sayings on the cards but as I dug in deeper into the card meanings, the artwork starting not only growing on me, but it made complete sense. I have been using this deck as a daily draw now for the last couple of weeks and it has become a new favorite. It is obvious to me after using this deck that I have some childhood wounds to work through. This deck is so gentle and empowering although it goes right to the core of the situation! I am so grateful to have this deck in my collection, because I do not honestly have a whole bunch of decks that work with this type of energy. I am totally blown away by Wisdom of the Wild Things Oracle and would highly recommend anyone that is looking to work through Shadows and Trauma and Childhood Wounds, but within a safe and nurturing landscape to pick this deck up! If you would like to see a complete walk through and some readings check out my Amethyst Ascension channel on YouTube! Color Me Pleasantly Surprised!
—Amethyst Ascension, Tarot collector & YouTuber

I resonate with these cards. When the author and artist came together to make this deck, something beautiful and magical happened. These cards I find are excellent for shadow work, there quirky twists and turns will have you giggling with your own shadow qualities.
Wisdom of the wild things Oracle deck is truly magical in many ways, it will have you believing fairies sprinkled magic on every card and reading. There not what you see on the surface, just like fairies hide on the other side, so do these cards, just having them will open a veil, you have to experience to truly understand.
I recommend this deck to fairy lovers, and shadow workers looking for a quirky uplifting way to Express shadow characteristics.

Amazon customer

This deck blew me away. It has the fae touch, and if connection with the fae-kin is something you seek this deck would be a great companion on your path. First off... the art by Evaboneva captures both sides of energy dark and light mixing in whimsy. The beings come to life in her style and are both playful, as well as mischievous.  Some cards did not make me super comfortable, it's a good thing, most of the art I connected with on a deeper level. Angi Sullins' descriptions of the cards were spot on in every reading I completed. I didn't have a single moment where it felt off. She's a talented writer. The deck is glossy, which isn't my favorite, and the metallic edging is chipping off slowly with use. 
Overall this deck would be great for anyone who enjoys whimsical beings.
—Summer Ross, AstariaSen on YouTube
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