Wing, Hoof and Paw: An Animal Companion Oracle
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Wing, Hoof and Paw: An Animal Companion Oracle
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Before our imaginations were scrubbed clean, we spent time with invisible friends, many of them in the animal kingdom. We encountered the creatures of the earth for what they truly are: Emissaries of the Marvelous. Those characters who jumped out of our storybooks, ignited our imaginations and inhabited our blanket forts were essential to our growth. They lent us strength, character, wonder and companionship. They still can. The creatures in this deck speak to your inner child and encourage your soul on its journey to a thriving, magical and empowered life. Embrace them to renew your magic. Heart to heart. Soul to soul. Hand to wing, hoof and paw. Set includes 44 purple gilt-edged oracle cards, an organza drawstring pouch, and a lushly illustrated 108-page guidebook to help you connect with the adorable animal companions.

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    Box measures 4.375” x 6.375”; 44 cards measure 3” x 5”
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    Angi Sullins
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    Stephanie Roberts

What Customers Are Saying About Wing, Hoof and Paw: An Animal Companion Oracle

One of the most adorable, beautiful and usable animal decks that I have come across!  Each animal in this deck is so cute and life-like, it's amazing!  The cards have a purple foil gilded edge which was a bonus for me, being a purple lover, however this deck is not only pleasing to the eye but also very readable and makes an excellent clarifier deck to your tarot readings as each card not only have the name of the animal on them but also comes with an additional key word on them, such as "Discernment", "Risk", "Innocence",  "Resilience", "Creative Problem Solving", etc.  I found it to be an excellent clarifier deck for my tarot readings. The deck also comes with a colorful guidebook and a bonus organza bag in a magnetic closure box that was beautifully presented and would make a great gift for any animal oracle lover.
—Anne Ti, Deck collector & YouTuber

This is such a phenomenal deck. It is so beautiful and inviting. Each description is Soulful and heart centered. It is well put together and such a high quality Deck with lots of attention to detail. Beautiful beautiful job. I love mine. And I'm going to order more of them for friends.
—Facebook user

This is such a sweet deck. I would recommend it for anyone who loves animals, reads for children or is working on inner child healing. This makes a good first deck and a great gift for anyone who is young or young at heart! I have a full review on TikTok.
—Jenny_C_Bell on TikTok

This animal companion oracle is super cute, uplifting, and really speaks to my inner "little."
The art itself is beautiful, inspiring, and sparks creative encouragement. Many times I found myself smiling just at the pure joy of the art. I pulled cards daily and found each time a new animal companion to help me in my day and often lift me up. I also used this deck to pull a card for books I am reading and the accuracy in energy from book to card really was amazing. The cards are glossy, not my fav, but easy to riffle shuffle. A little stretch with someone who has small hands like me. U.S. Games has really upped their quality of cards and boxes they come in and I am loving it.
As a whole this deck is great for fae and animal lovers. It really speaks to childlike wonder and Angi Sullins has really on-the-mark descriptions for each card. It would be a terrific oracle for any beginner and will likely go with any whimsical tarot or animal tarot as a good pairing.
—Summer Ross, AstariaSen on YouTube
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