Unlocking the Secret Garden Oracle
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Unlocking the Secret Garden Oracle
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There is a secret garden inside you, fortified by stone walls old enough to remember the moon’s first name. In this magic garden, every plant, flower, insect and animal is a portal, a passageway to secret knowledge and illuminated wisdom. You already have the keys to open each portal. This deck and guidebook are intended to accompany your own intuition as you navigate your way through the garden. Question-keys and answer-locks, when fitted together, open ancient passageways and doorways of opportunity, where you will discover wisdom treasure. Visit the garden to unlock the secrets still tucked away in your own potential. Set includes 44 gold gilt-edged cards, 108-page lushly illustrated guidebook and organza drawstring pouch. Packaged in a foil accented, magnetic hinged box.

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      1 lb(s)
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    Box measures 4.375” x 6.375”; 44 cards measure 3” x 5”
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    Angi Sullins
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    Jena DellaGrottaglia

What Customers Are Saying About Unlocking the Secret Garden Oracle

Wow what a GORGEOUS set! This one was knocked way out of the park! The cards are like time travel in a box. Every time I pick a card I feel like I’m being transported to a hidden garden on some castle grounds in the victorian era or something. I love it!  I cannot wait to see what I will find next in the imagery and what quirky uplifting message I will read in the book. They are supportive and bright and searching the images for the keys (both literally and figuratively) is an exciting adventure each time. This one just hit the mark for me. From beginning to end with the packaging, aesthetics, the messages,  the slightly mischevious “Come closer let me tell you a secret” energy. It’s a vibe for sure.
Robyn's Reflections, Tarot collector & YouTuber

Great deck all around. I really love this deck. Duirwaigh Studios are one of my favorite deck creators, their packaging, writing, artwork and guidebooks are second to none. The card stock is glossy and shuffles and fans out like a dream. The little organza bag is a great addition to complete the package. Angi Sullins' writing is brilliant as always, and Jena's artwork is also wonderful too. I love the bright colorful artwork and I especially love the exquisite, full color, high quality guidebook and sturdy, uniquely designed box. Well worth the price and a wonderful addition to my collection.
—Chris, Amazon customer

Where to begin...First off I loved the box it came in. The artwork, style, and functionality of this box is top notch to me. It isn't overly sized and fits beautifully on my tarot shelves. As a collector, this is a very important feature. The cardstock is glossy, vibrant, and gorgeous with a capital G!! Although I'm not a fan usually of gold gilding, these do not feel sharp at all and shuffle beautifully. I have smaller hands with short fingers and even though this is an oracle I was able to riffle and bridge this deck with no problem. It has 44 cards that have the most beautiful artwork that takes me to another time. This whole deck just oozes decadence and romance. It pairs so beautifully with many of my other tarot and oracle decks in my vast collection. The quality of the book is also top notch. The paper is premium grade and the book is heavy and gorgeous in it's own right. You could easily use the book for bibliomancy because it is in full color and the card artwork is vibrant and full size as well. The writing for this guidebook is so well done. It doesn't bombard you with information but it is impactful and thought provoking. There is absolutely nothing that I don't love about this deck! Did I forget to mention it even comes with a beautifully matched organza bag to put your cards in. This deck is high quality and beautiful and I'm so happy to have it in my collection.
—Rachele aka Amethyst Ascension, YouTuber

The artwork in this oracle by Jena DellaGrottaglia is phenominal as a digital artist. We are not talking generated AI art. We are talking collage art style and it's stunning. The deck is a mixture of flora, fauna, human, and other images. There is a key with a key hole in every single card, which was such a fun and involved way of using my intuition with this deck. It reads well as an intuitive deck. Each card has several pieces in it so just about anyone could associate with the cards, as we all bring something to a card when we look at it. If that old key looks like the skeleton key you found as a kid, you can use that in your reading or daily pull. I enjoyed using these cards as daily pulls for a pick me up. They have a soft energy about them and they deliver strong but gentle messages meant to lift. The cards themselves are glossy with a thicker stock, but still easy to riffle shuffle even with small hands. The guilded edges held up to weeks of use for me. The book, written by Angi Sullins, is a terrific resource. Her introduction to using intuition with the cards and then following up with individual description is a great way to use this deck. Angi has a knack for seeing different depths into the cards she writes about. This deck would pair well with fae decks and animal decks in my opinion. A great deck for beginners, journaling, meditation, or anyone who enjoys beautiful garden art.
—Summer Ross (AstariaSen), YouTuber

This is a gorgeous deck, I enjoy just sitting and flipping through this deck admiring all the cards, the illustrations are stunning, and the guide words are perfect for using this deck as a clarifier deck in a tarot reading.  The cards size are perfect, not too big and not too small, makes it very easy to shuffle, the gold gilt edge gives it an extra glassy feel and the guidebook has pictures of each card in color and explains each card in detail, the messages of each card are full of wisdom and really encourage you to go within to seek your own answers, this is a great deck to turn to when you need some words of wisdom or just plain good advice to assist with situations you need clarity on.
Anne Ti, Tarot collector & YouTuber
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