Universal Folk Oracle
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Universal Folk Oracle
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Universal Folk Oracle introduces 44 wise young women, attired in rich colors and patterns to reflect the complexity of our inner selves and the various stages of our growth. The artist has created this culturally nonspecific “universal folk” style to help us bond together as a unified world community. For each card, a healing crystal is also identified to help with your intuitive inquiries and self-care practices. Universal Folk Oracle guides us to discover and master our own universe.

Includes 44-cards and 68-page illustrated guidebook with insights and suggestions for readings, meditation and daily practices.

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    Box measures 3.5” x 5.25”; 44 cards measure 3.25” x 5”
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    Anita Inverarity

What Customers Are Saying About Universal Folk Oracle

Symbols are a universal language that speak to each viewer in a way that has special meaning for them. Anita Inverarity has recreated this experience based on her personal experience encountering inner wisdom and empowerment. She has given each maiden she portrays a piece of the puzzle so that each maiden that readers encounter brings them specific wisdom and a special lesson.

The full-color companion book offers a separate experience to aid readers on their journey through the deck. Quietly profound and deceptively simple in its rendering, this deck is filled with visual stimuli and universal communication.

Anna Jedrziewski of Tarotwise.com

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