The Wisdom of Tao Oracle Cards Volume I • Awakenings
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The Wisdom of Tao Oracle Cards Volume I • Awakenings
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New Edition

Taoism is an ancient philosophy that emphasizes attainment of wisdom and harmony as a way to success. Throughout history it has provided guidance from personal challenges to important sovereign decisions. Now, the principles and essence of Tao are presented within one visionary system incorporating teachings from Taoist masters, the power of nature's elements, the revelations of zodiac animals, and the dynamic interactions among them. Taoist wisdom is now easily accessible to gain insight, devise strategies, and provide a glimpse of changes to come. Consult the cards when confronted with roadblocks, or pick a card to inspire and empower you. The Wisdom of Tao is complete with detailed oracles, vivid images and symbols, clear instructions, and fascinating stories of the ancient teachers and personalities chosen to guide us. Includes 45 cards and 187-page illustrated guidebook.

Under the direction of author and artist Mei Jin Lü, a New Edition has been released including:
- New box cover and guidebook cover designs
- Matte finish box and cards
- Brightened artwork
- Updated 187-page guidebook and 1 card re-named

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    45 cards measure 3.5" x 5.25" Box measures 5.75" x 4"
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    Mei Jin Lü

What Customers Are Saying About The Wisdom of Tao Oracle Cards Volume I • Awakenings

I have both this first set of the Wisdom of Tao Oracle Cards and the second volume. Both are easy to use. I like having the description in brief directly on the cards. The art work is excellent. The card stock is thinner than some decks I have of other Tarot or Oracle cards but I like them because they are very easy to shuffle. The book gives more detail for those who need it about the individual cards. The box that holds the cards and book is well made and attractive. Overall I would say that if you like Taoism, Qigong, Oriental Medicine, the Five Elements and so forth you will most likely enjoy these cards. I like to draw 3 cards each day as reminders and insights.

—Rocannon MacGregor, Amazon Customer

This set is my favourite of all my oracle cards.  The card stock is thin which means they can be shuffled easily, which something I like to do whilst considering my questions.  The art work is outstanding, the research into the historical and mythical is detailed and the guide book makes for a fascinating read.  Great insight into parts of the Taoist religion which the author makes extremely easy to understand.  There is lots to take from each card and one of the finest for divination because you can get an extremely detailed answer with distinct phrases coming through.  If you have an affinity for the Asian side of the spiritual path, then these are a must for your collection.

—R M Holcroft, Amazon Customer

Lovely art accompanied by wise and gentle readings. Love this deck.

—Delhi Dusk, Amazon Customer

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