The Secret Oracle of the Green Witch
The Secret Oracle of the Green Witch
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The Secret Oracle of the Green Witch guides you through an enchanted garden into the heart of the woods, where the Green, Hedge and Kitchen Witches reveal their special magic. Learn to listen to the voices in the woods and receive their messages through symbols and stories. Recognize the plants, animals and natural elements used for charms, talismans and potions. The deck brings together the important herbs, tools, tales and inspiration you’ll need for your spellwork. Includes 50 cards and 65-page illustrated guidebook.

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      1 lb(s)
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    Box measures 3.34” x 5.35”; 50 cards measure 3” x 5”
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    Cecilia Lattari
  • Artist
    Betti Greco

What Customers Are Saying About The Secret Oracle of the Green Witch

What a fabulous Oracle deck for any Green Witch's Arsenal!
The Secret Oracle of the Green Witch is a wonderful resource for anyone who follows the Paths of Green Witchery, Hedge Witchery and Kitchen Witchery or wishes to. This deck itself is like having another magical tool for your green path. I love that the deck has several different types of cards such as; tools, ideas, witches, and herbs. It talks of moon phases and green magic and sacred space all in one deck. The box is small, efficient, beautiful, and sturdy. The deck comes with 50 beautifully folkish type art illustrations and I am especially in love with the herbal images. The cardstock is wonderful to shuffle and use, even for my shorter fingers. The only thing that I wished it had was more diversity in the skin tones and sex of the witches, however I will say that the main focus of this deck isn't on the characters, but more the different aspects of being a Green Witch, and the tools and practices that come along with that. I'm going to be keeping this deck right by my herbal apothecary and I can see taking pictures of these images for my Book of Shadows as well. I did end up edging my deck in a purple color to match the backs of the cards and it looks even better than it already did!! I love it!
—Rachele aka Amethyst Ascension, YouTuber & Tarot collector

I absolutely loved using this on my altar and as a daily pull. Like many Oracles, it needs the book to help come to good answers, but there is also intuition you can use with this deck by association. For example any experience a reader has with a particular herb, flower, or even a Tea pot, can be added to the reading easily. These cards would also do well for meditations. The thing I would have liked about this deck is keywords, especially for the flowers and herbs, having a few keywords would have helped with focus. The art work is very pleasing and easy to vibe with. The colors actually drew me in a lot everytime I used it. I think colors are important in self readings. This deck can be paired well with other decks. I personally used the crow tarot... which it may not seem like they pair together, but it did work out well. The card stock is lovely and the deck riffle shuffles very well. The guide book has a little over a paragraph for each card which I liked and held up to repeat use. In all this deck is a great deck if you are looking for a companion deck for your journey.
—Summer Ross (Astaria Sen on YouTube)

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