Precious Gems Oracle
Precious Gems Oracle
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The magic and wisdom of gemstones come to life in this powerful realm of this enchanting oracle.  Each card puts a face to a gemstone, so you can relate to its energy on a personal level. Discover the face of Amethyst, look Emerald in the eye, and delight in the reflective splendor of Moonstone personified. Renowned and beloved artist, Maxine Gadd has fused the wonder of her imaginarium with the world of gemstones to create an oracle that flawlessly unites practical, earth-based guidance with blessings and higher knowledge.

The set includes 40 dazzling cards and a 96-page illustrated guidebook, which describes the physical and healing properties of 40 precious stones. Also provided are affirmations and inspirational verses by Leela J. Williams and unique gem-themed layouts for readings or contemplation.

40 cards + 96-page illustrated guidebook

Maxine Gadd’s award-winning fairy artwork has been featured in several books as well as The Faery Forest Oracle. 

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    Maxine Gadd

What Customers Are Saying About Precious Gems Oracle

This oracle deck is unlike any other crystal decks that I have seen so far. The photos are beautifully created! They are unlike any other crystal decks that I have seen. The imagery features a different face on each card. The faces are adorned with the crystal and coordinating colors for that specific card. Also around the border of each card, you'll find the crystal. What little we see of the crystals is quite accurate as far as how we would expect that crystal to look. This certainly brings a unique look to show the crystals. The cards do say what the crystal is for that card, so you do not have to guess what crystal is being featured.

One of the things that this deck offers that most do not is a bit about the crystal's composition, corresponding chakras, zodiacs, and element. From there the author blends the message of the card with the metaphysical properties of the crystal. She offers additional brief divination messages and affirmations that you can work with when connecting to the card and crystal's energy.

—Jen Faeline, Amazon customer

Gorgeous oracle card deck- Packaged well. One of my faves! I love the faces adorned with gemstone headdresses. Quality cards with perfect coloration and edges. Nice booklet and box, as well.

—Jane D, Amazon customer

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