Oracle of the Sacred Horse
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Oracle of the Sacred Horse
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As well as offering honest and supportive responses to your questions, this oracle will deepen your kinship with the horse spirits so you can be enlivened by their freedom, grace, power, and agility — and feel these qualities reawaken in you, unbridled. Kathy Pike is an energy healer and coach whose affinity with horses makes her a unique channel for their collective wisdom. The messages in this exquisitely illustrated set come direct from the horse spirits to show you who you are through their eyes and gently nudge you to find liberty in your strengths and confidence in your instincts. Come home to your body, heart, and authenticity, forever changed by your encounters with Oracle of the Sacred Horse. Includes 41 cards and 144-page guidebook. Gold foil accented box.
Kathy Pike is a teacher, coach, artist, nature lover, and the author of Life Lessons from the Heart of Horses: How Horses Teach Us about Relationships and Healing; Horse Spirits Speak: On Love, Presence, and Harmony in a Chaotic World; Hope from the Heart of Horses: How Horses Teach Us about Presence, Strength, and more. As an advocate for equine intelligence, Kathy founded The Academy for Coaching with Horses. Her programs, reaching individuals in over 30 countries, have trained others to employ horses as mentors and healers for the human heart and spirit.
Laurie Prindle was born and raised in the verdant landscapes of the Green Mountains of Vermont. At age six, she was gifted a set of watercolors and she soon knew she wanted to be a wildlife painter when she grew up. Laurie’s love of horses blossomed the first time she rode one. She moved to Colorado in 1987, where she now has a small ranch. She and her husband have been the proud owners of five lovely Morgans over the years. They are her artistic muses and her best friends.

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    Box measures 4.9” x 6.69”; 41 cards measure 3.62” x 5.47”
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    Kathy Pike
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    Laurie Prindle

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