Angel Connections: 40 Message Cards
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Angel Connections: 40 Message Cards
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The Angel Connections deck provides 40 ways to recognize and interpret the signs of angels all around us, including angel numbers. Each card presents a visual image of an angel sign along with a message that guides the reader to understand and receive the angel’s blessing. Deck includes 6 cards identifying archangels and the ways they communicate their presence.

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    Box measures 4.375” x 2.375”; 44 cards measure 4” x 2”
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    Lynn Araujo
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    Wendy Cipolla Boccuzzi

What Customers Are Saying About Angel Connections: 40 Message Cards

This is the perfect deck if you love angels and like to connect with them, a nice pick me up deck when you need a little inspiration from your angels. They are a nice pocket size that you can take with you on the go and be portable, messages are very positive and uplifting to raise your spirit and includes messages from your angels as well as different meanings for numeric numbers you may see like 11:11, 777, 555, 999, etc. A very fun deck with positive energy that will definitely help to shift your mood for the better for those days that you need a positive boost!
Anne Ti, Tarot collector & YouTuber

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