White Sage Tarot
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White Sage Tarot
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Inspired by ancient healing traditions this charming tarot deck features endearing animals in the Court Cards, chakra colors in the Minors, and natural elements throughout.  The 78 cards balance masculine and feminine energy with modern minimalist art rendered in a soft pastel palette. White Sage Tarot helps people find clarity and flow along the journey of life. Includes 78 pocket-sized cards in a tin, 64-page booklet and chakra chart. 

Theresa Hutch, artist and creator of White Sage Tarot has worked as a graphic designer, art teacher, yoga teacher, and illustrator. She has a B.A. in Design Communications. Theresa enjoys creating characters and telling stories through her art. She is also the creator of Land Sky Oracle. She lives and works in her home studio in Minneapolis, MN, where she enjoys spending time with family. 

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    Theresa Hutch

What Customers Are Saying About White Sage Tarot

I love this deck. I wanted an animal-based deck with soft colors and a basically non-gendered approach, so it's perfect. I've found that it resonates greatly with people, who say they find it sweet, safe, comfortable, and easy to relate to. As one person recently told me, "Your cards don't freak me out!" In fact, I find that the simplicity of the Minor Arcana Number cards makes it easier to explain the nuances of what can be seen as "negative cards" (Nine and Ten of Swords, for example) because the images are far less distressing than in many decks.
I just used these super successfully at an event with over thirty women, and received many comments on how much they loved it. Though people were fascinated with the cards, the clean, simple lines made the readings go quickly and smoothly because the images were easily understood and there wasn't that temptation to ask a million questions about obscure details.  (I'm looking at you, Rider-Waite!)
I'm especially fond of the Court Cards.  I've found it very easy to relate these to aspects of self (as opposed to representing actual people), because of the clever use of animals. It seems far easier people, no matter their own gender identification, to identify with any of the Court Cards because, even with their accessories, elephants, big cats, raptors, and otters don't show much gender differentiation.  The same holds true for the Major Arcana: anyone can see themselves in a puppy or a cat or seahorses.
All in all, this is wonderful deck for reaching out to people and,making the Tarot feel safe and accessible.  It's a deck that I highly recommend for situations in which you're reading to people all over the gender spectrum or who unaccustomed to Tarot.

Michelle Heinrich

What I love about the White Sage Tarot by Theresa Hutch:

Oh. My. Goddess. Do I LOVE this little pocket deck.

  • • It is a Rider-Waite style deck.
  • • This is a pocket size edition (which I find handy).
  • • It comes in a tin for storage and that I really, really love.
  • • Cardstock: The cardstock for these cards is thin but strong and they shuffle really, really well. They also are not   glossy, more of a matte look and natural feel. Also, they do not stick together.
  • • Imagery: Imagery is subjective in my opinion. I’m learning that you’ll know the decks that are right for you because when you look at the images you will feel something. The best way I can describe it, is excitement! A pull from within. You WANT to work with the deck. The images of the White Sage Tarot do this for me.


This deck is so soothing, with its pastels, animals, and gentle nature imagery. The wands are pussy willows, the pentacles are sand dollars, and there is not a human to be seen. A few of the majors have an Egyptian flair. The imagery in this deck is probably one of the least threatening I’ve ever seen. For example, Death is just a light at the end of a tunnel. I believe people new to tarot should learn on a Rider-Waite to be able to use the traditional imagery to understand each card, but if you are already comfortable this is a sweet and fun deck to add to your collection. It’s become the one I reach for most! The size and tin make them a perfect deck for a purse, bag, or night out at the bar. They are an absolute joy to shuffle, just the right flexibility and texture. Enjoy!—Natalie F. I really do love this deck, the aesthetic is beautiful. The cardstock is great (US games) and the size of the cards makes it feel even better. The muted colour scheme and simple-ish images on the cards make this deck one that I go to for a calmer, more relaxed reading. The chakra aspect of the cards is something I am interested to delve deeper into at some point. 

U.K. Amazon customer

The White Sage Tarot is a really beautiful & creative tarot deck. The author uses very soft pastel colors on the characters, however, when using this deck, your also working with the colors that represent the energy chakra system which I thought was really creative. For example, the three of swords is covered in blue ribbons which represent the throat chakra color. The deck also comes with a cheat sheet explaining the 7 chakra energy centers.. The images primarily are of animals, they are regal, whimsical and simply adorable. It is a soft 'clean' deck. If your not comfortable working with darker decks and want to work with a deck that is more lighter in nature and even child friendly. I am very happy with it. 


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