Medieval Mischief Tarot
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Medieval Mischief Tarot
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With a fascination for the Middle Ages, Italian designer Riccardo Gil Ferraro has created a thoroughly original deck with a modern Medieval aesthetic. Having collected esoteric and Marseilles style tarot decks, Ferraro was intent on creating a deck for today’s readers. Medieval Mischief Tarot provides elemental and astrological correlations within whimsical drawings on borderless and titleless cards. Kings, knights, damsels and demons show you the path to self-knowledge. Includes 78 cards, a bonus symbol legend card and 60-page booklet.

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    Box measures 2.75” x 4.25” x 1.75”; 78 cards measure 2.25” x 3.75”
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    Riccardo Gil Ferraro

What Customers Are Saying About Medieval Mischief Tarot

Medieval Mischief Tarot caught me in a way I wasn’t expecting. So, here we are. It’s small and quirky, line drawing and minimalistic. And, did you see that High Priestess??? I’m in love. Truly. Each card has its zodiac symbol and its alchemical symbol of it. These figures are so interesting to me. This is definitely a deck that is about the artwork for me. I want to sit with each image, listen to and see its story, thoroughly learn its magic and understanding of the universe. I find them fascinating.
—Indie Deck Review

A nice, simple, portable, little black and white deck that contains a lot of symbology, including elements, planets and astrological symbols.  The deck includes an extra card showing the meaning of the elements, planets and astrological signs that are referenced on the cards, which I found very useful and helpful as I'm not familiar with all of the planets nor elements symbols.  The card size of this deck is smaller than the standard tarot card size but works great for petite hands like mine as it makes it very easy to shuffle the cards.
Although it is a very simple black and white deck, the additional astrological, element and planet symbols give your tarot readings added meaning not found in a typical standard deck. This deck makes a great clarifier deck when you need clarifiers in your readings but also read well as a stand-alone deck.  If you are looking for a portable on the go sort of a deck with added symbology, this may fit your needs.
Anne Ti, Tarot collector & YouTuber

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