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Raven's Wand Oracle
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Inspired by Steven Hutton's popular Dark Raven Chronicles Trilogy, Raven's Wand Oracle draws insights from the tale of a mysterious black wand, brave young Kolfinnia, whose fate it is to save witchcraft, and the sage old witch Valonia who counsels that mind creates matter. Other witches you will meet in the Wildwood–coven include Rhia Winsome, who shares her creative energy, Ada Crabbe, the senior gardener, Oceana, and the dragon twins Hethra and Halla. Each member of the coven has important life lessons to offer. Through vivid artwork and heartfelt messages, Raven’s Wand Oracle invites you to explore the profound wisdom of witchcraft. 

Includes 44 cards and 60–page guidebook with four custom card spreads. 

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    Steven Hutton
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What Customers Are Saying About Raven's Wand Oracle

With this amazing new oracle deck, Steven Hutton not only gives us a personal tour of the vibrant world of witchcraft he created for his Dark Raven Chronicles trilogy, but the 44 dynamic card illustrations he created have raised the bar for tarot fantasy art. Each card provides a magical environment that draws the reader in. The power of this deck, however, is the degree of animation and presence emanated by each living being in the cards.
And living beings abound. In addition to human and animal protagonists, the scenes are also filled with flying fish, mythical critters, fireflies, birds, ducklings, mini-dragons, raccoons, hogs, snakes, bunnies, wolves, and cats—lots and lots of cats. Each of the beings seem to be inhabited by a strong, emotive personality that helps to convey the message of the protagonist.
Hutton’s intent is to convey the wisdom of witchcraft. He does that with energy that swirls within each card and hints of dark shadows without surrendering the high road. As an oracle it provides endless stimulation for intuitives. As teacher of the craft, its lessons will be endless.

—Anna, InannaWorks

This deck has gorgeous artwork, engaging characters and spot on meanings. You do not have to be familiar with the book series to be able to use this oracle effectively. The cardstock shuffles lovely as well. Overall, I love this deck and would recommend it.

—Freyja, Amazon customer

I have to admit that I was impressed at how this story was woven so thoroughly through just 44 paintings.  Moody and inviting, the cards expect you to study each character’s story and draw your own conclusions. The guidebook is written to help you understand the character arch, rather than in divinatory terms, so while it does guide you, it also leaves space for you to think about how the lessons fit into your own life or the life of your querent. The journey was a lot of fun to take and I am happy to have this one in my collection.
—Robyn's Reflections, Tarot collector & YouTuber

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