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Hush Tarot
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Hush Tarot beckons readers to explore an alluring world where animal and human spirits are unified, and even the smallest creatures like ravens and hares have great significance. At times, they appear lost in the weeds but there is always a hidden clue guiding them to the way out. The fascinating characters and landscapes are illustrated with lush detail inspired by a 19th century aesthetic that explores natural forms in various states of life and decay. Hush Tarot offers a shift in perspective that reveals profound answers to life’s mysteries.

Includes 78-card deck and 68-page guidebook.

Jeremy Hush began his creative career in the underground world of punk and metal bands, designing album covers and flyers, as well as booking bands and traveling around the world. He is now a designer, painter and woodworker specializing in Gilded Age techniques. Jeremy currently lives in Philadelphia, hiding and working in the Convent Gallery where he is the curator and renovator. He spends his evenings painting in his studio, preparing for gallery exhibits. His art has been shown around the world. 

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    Jeremy Hush

What Customers Are Saying About Hush Tarot

Hush creates immensely detailed work using a ballpoint pen and found materials for pigment, often using his fingerprints to create shading, giving his work an aged, textured and timeless quality. Hush’s work reminds me of being small again, but even smaller than I ever once was, being surrounded by nature, with the flurry of activity one finds under rocks and decaying logs seeming larger and noisier because of the shift in proportion. Hush’ work, illustrated with lush detail inspired by natural forms in various states of life and decay, could be as at home amongst Victorian botanical etchings as it is amongst contemporary illustrations. Hush’s work takes the 19th century aesthetic much deeper by adding to it his own cast of fascinating feminine, masculine and animal characters, journeying through his haunted landscapes, beckoning the viewer to attempt to chase down the phantom narrative.

Joy Shannon

Jeremy Hush has turned the natural world into an exotic place. The creatures are familiar but their demeanor is exotically unfamiliar. Many of them make eye contact with the reader, seeming to speak from the cards without words. The human figures, when included, play supporting roles, and manmade objects are sometimes set decoration, sometimes talismans. This is a decidedly different journey through the tarot deck — and that was Hush’s intention. He is asking readers to change their perspective in order to gain insight and new understanding.
The illustrations are created (believe it or not) with a ball point pen. The coloring is added using whatever Hush can find on hand. Subtle textures and shading are added using his fingers.
This deck becomes more powerful as you use it. There is always something new to find in the cards. It’s a perfect deck for either meditating or divining.
Anna, Tarotwise.com

These cards are magnificent! The artwork is astoundingly beautiful and reflective. Leaning on the darker side, but still giving a neutral/positive way out in regard to the art and description. The card stock is excellent. Nice and thick, but also easy to shuffle. The matte surface definitely coordinates with the imagery.
The cards are very easy to intuitively read. I connected immediately with this deck. There are many levels to the images.
The guidebook is short, sweet, and very much to the point. It has both upright and reverse descriptions of the cards which are very easy to glean meaning from. 

I would highly recommend this deck and I will be looking for more from this author. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of this deck. Readings are to the point and clear cut, but also lead you down a path of enlightenment through your inner shadow self.

— Meagan, Amazon Customer

Absolutely LOVE this deck and felt connected immediately. It gives so much new perspective while building on the themes of the standard rider-waite deck. It illustrates the deep psychological state, motives and circumstances, hidden meanings, and obscure clues. I would recommend this for an experienced reader who needs fresh perspective and who reads intuitively rather than relying on the traditional symbols of the rider-waite cards.

— A.K., Amazon Customer

I am in love with with this deck and by far it is my favorite I own. The artwork is perfect and the quality of the cards are great as well; I also feel, already, a great connection to the cards. So happy I waited, looked like crazy, and ended up stumbling upon this deck because there is no disappointment. It also came with a little booklet with a brief description of each card and their meaning when reversed/upright which most booklets don’t include. Great buy with a great price.

Haley, Amazon Customer

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