Gifts for Pagans & Witches

Gifts for Pagans & Witches

Gifts of guidance for pagans and witches. Lift the veil and weave magic into your readings. Manifest your full potential through divination, intention and positive spell work.

  • Barbara Walker Tarot in a Tin
    Barbara Walker Tarot reflects a unique feminist perspective of tarot with religious and pagan symbols from around the world.
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    • $19.95
  • Celtic Lenormand
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    Celtic Lenormand
    Celtic Lenormand brings elements of nature-based paganism to the traditional Lenormand divination system. 
    Score: 4.20 (votes: 5)
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    • $19.51
  • Circles of Healing
    The 44 circular affirmation cards of this gorgeously crafted deck combine phrase, color, symbolism and geometry to speak directly to your higher consciousness. Breathe, shuffle and affirm yourself into energetic renewal.
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    • $25.95
  • Crow Tarot
    • Best Seller
    Crow Tarot
    Paying homage to the mystical energy of crows and ravens, Crow Tarot invites us to fly through the veil and connect with our intuitive powers. 
    Score: 4.45 (votes: 29)
    Reviews: 13
    • $24.95
  • Dark Light Oracle
    Dark Light Oracle helps us find treasures among the miraculous mix of joys and tears, hopes and fears, enthusiasm and melancholy that enriches our soul. The 40 guides beckon you to the crossroads where suffering is sublimated, darkness is illuminated, and shadows ultimately lead to an enlightened path.
    Score: 3.50 (votes: 18)
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    • $22.95
  • Deviant Moon Tarot Book
    Talented artist Patrick Valenza presents uniquely alternative interpretations of traditional tarot with symbolism inspired by childhood dreams and visions.
    Score: 4.60 (votes: 5)
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    • $39.95
  • Deviant Moon Tarot Deck
    Deviant Moon Tarot explores the dark side of the subconscious with haunting surreal imagery. Great for Halloween!
    Score: 4.60 (votes: 5)
    Reviews: 2
    • $21.95
  • The Druidcraft Tarot
    NEW EDITION For the past 15 years, The Druidcraft Tarot has been one of the most popular and most recommended tarots. Blending the ancient traditions of the tarot with the imagery and wisdom of Nature-based spiritualities.
    Score: 3.75 (votes: 12)
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    • $29.99
  • Earthly Souls & Spirits Moon Oracle
    Witches, black cats, owls and ravens emerge through the ethereal lunar glow with empowering messages to deepen your intuition and help focus your intentions. Earthly Souls & Spirits Moon Oracle includes 55 cards with luminous artwork and 132-page illustrated guidebook with affirmations, meditations, and full moon rituals.
    Score: 3.96 (votes: 52)
    Reviews: 4
    • $22.95
  • Halloween Tarot Deck/Book Set
    Whimsical artwork conjures up all that's fun and freaky about Halloween in this deck and book set.
    Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)
    Reviews: 1
    • $33.95
  • The Herbcrafter’s Tarot
    The Herbcrafter’s Tarot celebrates the handicrafts, tools, and time-honored folk skills related to herbs, trees, flowers and other plants that share their gifts with us.
    Score: 4.33 (votes: 12)
    Reviews: 3
    • $24.95
  • Hush Tarot
    Hush Tarot beckons readers to explore an alluring world where animal and human spirits are unified, and even the smallest creatures like ravens and hares have great significance.
    Score: 4.50 (votes: 6)
    Reviews: 2
    • $22.95
  • Magickal Spellcards
    Magickal Spellcards present enchanting spells that are loving exercises and sacred prayers-in-action to guide, support and activate your innate magickal powers.
    Score: 4.43 (votes: 7)
    Reviews: 1
    • $25.95
  • Malefique Lenormand
    Russian artist, Gniedmann, has created a uniquely dark and edgy Lenormand deck that delivers pointed answers to divination questions. 
    Score: 4.22 (votes: 9)
    Reviews: 2
    • $17.95
  • Oracle of Novice Witches
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    Oracle of Novice Witches
    Included in The Oracle of Novice Witches deck are 24 witches and wizards from history, literature and folklore, who are ready to share their lessons and insights. Also included are 13 tools of the trade and a set of 13 animal familiars to assist us with divination and spell work.
    Score: 4.00 (votes: 4)
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    • $19.16
  • Practical Magic: An Oracle for Everyday Enchantment
    This inspired collaboration is a rich compendium of ritual, symbolism and divination that you can action in your daily life with step-by-step spellwork and visualizations for surprising and satisfying results. A comprehensive magical resource for creating sacred space, understanding moon phases, working with Nature’s cycles and more. Usher in a charmed life with the support of deities, herbs, crystals, the elements and intention.
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    • $37.95
  • Raven's Wand Oracle
    Raven's Wand Oracle draws insights from the tale of a mysterious black wand, brave young Kolfinnia, whose fate it is to save witchcraft, and the sage old witch Valonia who counsels that mind creates matter.
    Score: 4.50 (votes: 4)
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    • $22.95
  • Reading Fortune Telling Cards (Book): A Romani Approach
    This first-of-its-kind book traces the development of the Romani cartomancy tradition. With illustrations from the Gypsy Witch® Fortune Telling Playing Cards, expert instruction is given on the fascinating method of reading the deck. For all levels of readers this comprehensive book provides a wealth of information on the art of reading fortune telling cards.
    Score: 3.48 (votes: 21)
    Reviews: 1
    • $14.95
  • Reading Fortune Telling Cards Deck & Book Set
    This unique set includes the new 128-page illustrated book Reading Fortune Telling Cards: A Romani Approach and the popular 55-card deck Gypsy Witch® Fortune Telling Playing Cards. The comprehensive book traces the fascinating history of the Romani cartomancy tradition. Detailed instruction is given for simple and complex spreads, including the Grand Tableau.
    Score: 4.75 (votes: 4)
    No reviews.
    • $22.95
  • Tarot of the Old Path Deck
    A modern approach to what is known as the magical Old Religion, the Craft, or the Old Path of female wisdom.
    Score: 4.33 (votes: 3)
    Reviews: 1
    • $25.95
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