Gifts for Pagans & Witches

Gifts for Pagans & Witches

Gifts of guidance for pagans and witches. Lift the veil and weave magic into your readings. Manifest your full potential through divination, intention and positive spell work.

  • Practical Magic: An Oracle for Everyday Enchantment
    This inspired collaboration is a rich compendium of ritual, symbolism and divination that you can action in your daily life with step-by-step spellwork and visualizations for surprising and satisfying results. A comprehensive magical resource for creating sacred space, understanding moon phases, working with Nature’s cycles and more. Usher in a charmed life with the support of deities, herbs, crystals, the elements and intention.
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    • $37.95
  • Barbara Walker Tarot in a Tin
    Barbara Walker Tarot reflects a unique feminist perspective of tarot with religious and pagan symbols from around the world.
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    • $19.95
  • Circles of Healing
    The 44 circular affirmation cards of this gorgeously crafted deck combine phrase, color, symbolism and geometry to speak directly to your higher consciousness. Breathe, shuffle and affirm yourself into energetic renewal.
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    • $25.95
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