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Woven Spirit Oracle
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Connect with Universal Energy

Woven Spirit Oracle reminds us that as humans we are integral threads in the rich tapestry of life. Intended to help you in the here and now, these 52 card images vibrate with the energetic colors of our magical universal homeland. The ethereal imagery and mindful messages help us connect with the subtle energies all around us. By tuning into these natural resonances, we can be guided to make choices beneficial to ourselves, to others and ultimately to the Earth itself. Includes 52 cards and 116-page full-color illustrated guidebook.

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    Box measures 3.38” x 5.18”; 52 cards measure 3” x 4.8”
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    Lorraine Sadler

What Customers Are Saying About Woven Spirit Oracle

The Earth's natural resonance emerges from Sadler's self-described metaphorical mindscape artwork. Vibrantly hued humans and nature scenes connect the seeker to the energies within our world for deeper growth insights. This deck weaves new vibrations for your Reiki healer and drum circle customers!

—Retailing Insight Magazine

One for the lovers of color language, chakra energy, and spirit plant allies. This oracle deck combines them all— lovingly.
Lorraine Sadler's vibrantly colored artwork celebrates the interconnectedness between  the human spirit and the natural world. The artwork features beautiful close-ups of flowers, whimsical and surrealistic portrayals of the human figure, and abstract landscapes where the earthly meets the cosmic. Sadler's poetic contemplations grace the guidebook with messages and card meanings that provide spiritual guidance and food for meditation.
The deck is stunning and vibrant, the messages in the guidebook are robust and full of wisdom. The production values are consistent with the high quality standard you can expect from this publisher.

—Mina's Bookshelf, tarot reader & YouTuber

This is a 'feel good' deck, all you have to do is flip through the deck and look at the happy, vibrant floral illustrations and it will uplift your mood!  Besides being an instant mood uplifter with its beautiful, vibrant floral illustrations, I find this deck is also very inspirational and provide excellent messages for self-reflection and introspection. The messages are full of wisdom that help you see things from nature's perspective and gently guide you on a higher path, a path that you may not have considered without having read the message or messages, it's like a gentle nudge from the Universe to course correct yourself, your outlook and your thinking, elevating it to a higher level from the Universe's Perspective. A very lovely deck that is the perfect size for my petite hands to easily shuffle and the U.S. Games cardstock is excellent for riffle shuffling for all those who like to riffle shuffle.  If you feel drawn to this deck, I would recommend getting it as I have no doubt you would enjoy it as much as I did!

Anne Ti, Tarot collector & YouTuber

The Woven Spirit Oracle is a phenomenal oracle deck! The cards are smaller than the average oracle deck. They are about the size of a standard tarot deck. This is good because it makes them very easy to shuffle. They are a little glossy, but not extremely and they are not too thin or too thick. I really love the sturdy box they come in as well!
Each card has a keyword at the bottom and they are not numbered. The full color guidebook is pretty thick and it was written by the artist of the cards. Each card is listed in alphabetical order and there's a key expression at the top of each page. The author expands upon the understanding of the keywords and the key expressions by writing more about each individual card under the key expressions. Most of the images are flowers, butterflies, universal beings, and ethereal images. For example, the Fearlessness card is a beautiful, pink woman with purple hair. This deck is soft, gentle, sensitive, and poetic. In the back of the guidebook, there are 7 spreads. You can easily use this deck alone or with other decks to make unique pairings. So far, I've used it for readings, daily pulls, and altar work. This deck is great for beginners, professionals and intuitive readers.

Queen Auset-Heru, Tarot Reader/Collector & YouTuber

I’ve really been enjoying my work with this deck over the past month! The artwork is glorious. It’s dreamy and sometimes even otherworldly. Some of the cards, for instance the flowers, feel extremely realistic, while some feel just as surrealistic, but the mix is seamless and the images and colors blend and dance together in harmony. The keywords are strong and expansive making the deck easy to use in intuitive readings even without the guidebook. Each guidebook entry contains a key phrase for each card, as well as some further insight into ways to consider the energy or state of being both in the human state of consciousness and also through alignment with nature. Although the artwork provides a lot of color and chakra energy, it’s not a chakra deck specific for chakra work and the guidebook doesn’t make much mention of the artwork or the color associations. However, if you have a basic understanding of the chakras, or color meanings, this deck is fabulous for bringing chakra and color energy into a reading. Each card has a keyword and image which does not have to be associated with the chakra energy if you do not wish to use it, however the colors on the card are associated and some of them even have a chakra symbol hidden in the image. So if you want to bring this into the reading it’s a very easy transition. This deck has been working well for me over the past month both as a clarifier, as well as for central themes in general readings.

Robyn's Reflections, Tarot collector and YouTuber

This oracle deck was a pleasure to work with. I paired it with the Pastoral Tarot and they read so good together. The floral intuitive art on the cards were like a big hug for me as I did my readings. The actual messages were more straight forward than hugs. The deck is in no way harsh though, just upfront. It would be a great deck for nature lovers and intuitive readings. There is even mention of Chakra in some of the cards too. I don't personally work specifically with Chakra but I loved seeing the availability of it within the messages on some of the cards. It makes it a more accessible deck because it has many ways of being used. The cards themselves have a matte finish and are great for shuffling with small hands. The book is well put together with color images and at least 1 page of description per card. I loved how many useful 3 cards spreads the book has in the back as well, which again made it super easy to read with on a daily and monthly basis.

—Summer Ross (AstariaSen), YouTuber

The Woven Spirit Oracle is full of lovely imagery, leading you into a world of awe and wonder while safely guiding you to deep meditation if you allow it. This deck offers an enlightening experience, drawing you in with the bright, beautiful colors while sending you into deep thought with the shadows and deepness of the dark colors.The deck reminds us of our connection to universal energy, imbuing a sense of peace and introspection.
The Woven Spirit Oracle deck invites users to explore their spiritual connection and gain insight into their lives through its vibrant and meaningful illustrations. Each card is designed to evoke a sense of wonder and contemplation, making it an ideal tool for introspection and meditation.
The guidebook provides valuable context and interpretations for each card, enhancing the overall experience of using the deck. This deck is powerful with or without the guidebook providing an intuitive interaction between you, the art, and the message. If you choose to use the guidebook, it is a comprehensive guidebook that ensures that you can build your engagement with the cards more deeply and gain a thorough understanding of the messages they convey. The Woven Spirit Oracle is quality-made, as expected from U.S. Games.I love the full-page color representation of each card, and as it is with most decks' companion books, you will find a couple of spreads in the back.
It is easy to appreciate this inspiring deck's originality and ability to provide a fresh perspective on spiritual introspection. The cards offer diverse themes and symbols, allowing for a rich and varied exploration of spiritual concepts and personal growth.
—The Cartomancer Magazine review

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