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Secrets of the Mystic Grove
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Secrets of the Mystic Grove
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Silver Winner 2018 COVR Visionary Awards - Divination Products

Let the enchanting artwork of Mary Alayne Thomas enfold you in a world of stunning beauty and imagination as the colorful denizens of the Mystic Grove share their insightful secrets. You may discover surprising new perspectives from a daydreaming tiger and a mysterious lady wearing a peacock in her hair.

This special set includes 44 cards and a 96-page guidebook presenting keywords, inspirational messages and journal prompts with space provided for you to write down your thoughts as you journey through the Mystic Grove. 

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    Card Size 3.5" x 4.75", Box 5.25" x 3.85"
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    Arwen Lynch-Poe
  • Artist
    Mary Alayne Thomas

What Customers Are Saying About Secrets of the Mystic Grove

This deck is one of those "just right" kind of decks. The art work is lovely, the cards are sturdy and easy to shuffle and the messages are always just what I need to hear for that day. The length of the description of each card in the book is also "just right" — not too long and not too short! I have been drawing a card each day from this deck since I received it and each day the card is something that either inspires me, comforts me or in some way helps me cope with that day.

— SLC619, Amazon customer

I am incredibly pleased with this deck, I love how it has the journal prompts. It is gorgeous in its artwork and the writing of the deck is beautifully done. This deck has helped me tremendously learn more and more about myself. I Highly recommend this deck! I have been using it only a short while and it has literally almost changed the way i see myself, It is that moving to me. It is a great tool for self discovery and I have to say it is my favorite of all the decks i own.

— Emily, Amazon customer

Secrets of the Mystic Grove is a stunning new deck from US Games, illustrated by Mary Alayne Thomas, with the accompanying booklet written by Arwen Lynch. The 44 cards measure 3 1/2" x 4 3/4". The cards and book are housed in a very nice sturdy box with a lift-off top. The box has a nice smooth feel to it, and there are half-circle cut outs on two sides of the top for easy lift off. The card stock is a bit stiff, but shuffles easily and smoothly. It feels like the card size is the exact perfect fit for the images. Any other dimensions would have been just less perfect. It's not something I have ever remarked about a deck before. Three sides of the cards are borderless (thank you so very, very much for that, US Games!). At the bottom of the cards is a border with the card number, title and keywords. The border colors vary with each card, matching with the scene in the image. The colors in this deck are sumptuous. The lines of the artwork are exquisite. Even though many of the cards are deliberately crowded, it never feels cluttered. It has a mysterious fairy tale feel to it. There's a huge variety of animals in the background of the cards. There are cats, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, lions, swans, deer, a flamingo, peacocks and an ostrich. There are bees, moths and a lot of butterflies. And more animals that I'm sure I have left out. The imagery is also very heavy in gorgeous flowers. The way the artist draws poppies alone is reason to have this deck.

This feels more like an affirmation deck than an oracle, with thoughts and ideas to inspire. Although it doesn't have a fortune-telling vibe, it did do a bit of accurate predicting. This is a gorgeous, elegant deck. It is different from anything out there. The colors and artwork are beautiful. There is a wide variety of wildlife, plant life, and stylish ladies. It is extremely unique, ever gentle and comforting. And the companion book is a treasure. I highly recommend this deck/book set for adding elegance and depth to your daily experience.

— Kiki, bohemianes.com

Over the last few years, Oracle decks have been gaining in popularity among Tarot and non Tarot readers alike. Many readers choose to use an Oracle deck in addition to the Tarot cards they may pull each day, giving them a little bit more depth and insight into messages that are important. One new Oracle deck, Secrets of the Mystic Grove is a truly beautiful new deck from U.S Games featuring artwork from Mary Alayna Thomas coupled with the amazing Arwen Lynch crafting the book of interpretations that accompanies this 44 card deck. This Oracle deck invites it’s user to enter into the world of imagination and beauty, that quickly enfolds you in its mystical landscape. Cards such as 43: Unity that welcomes you to the realm of spirit, and a gorgeous air of zen. Amongst the purple banner and a pair of charming chickadees you will find butterflies, roses and the theme of connectedness, harmony and equilibrium. This deck is a bit bigger than most decks but the size is awesome for getting the most from the amazing artwork. It truly does beg a deeper stroll into this magical world of insight and discovery.

The accompanying booklet, 95 pages long and full of different ways that you can integrate its meanings into your daily life and at the end of each cards narrative, there are three very insightful journaling prompts that will help you integrate its message as it applies to your life, making it quite personal. I absolutely adore these cards, each morning I pull one or two for my day or use the special spread included at the end of the booklet. Secrets of the Mystic Grove can be used as a stand alone method of introspection or alongside of your favorite Tarot deck. This is a wonderful deck that can be used if you’ve had Oracle card experiences or if you’re an absolute beginner.

— Tarot By Elizabeth

Arwen Lynch likens Mary Alayne Thomas’ magical illustrations to the riffs played by jazz musicians. And, indeed, the creatures which move through this lively deck add a rhythm all their own: flying, pausing alertly, striding majestically, or lovingly caressing. Each emotive card contains a spellbinding, symbolic symphony for readers to peruse.

Perfect for individual meditation work, it will also be a unique deck for divination for those who aren’t afraid to let their imaginations take flight. The lush, brightly-colored settings make it a perfect deck for early summer.

— Anna Jedrziewski, IannaWorks

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