Field Guide To Garden Dragons
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Field Guide To Garden Dragons
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You never know where you’ll spot a Garden Dragon—it could be on your travels, on a nature walk, or even in your own backyard! This whimsical deck presents 46 adorable dragons, each with a mystical message to share. You’ll meet sweet fruit dragons as well as colorful vegetable varieties. The 138-page illustrated guidebook gives delightful descriptions of each dragon’s habitats, behavior and appearance so you can identify dragons to help you with their magic and wisdom.

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    Box measures 3.5" x 5"; 46 Cards measure 3" x 4.5"
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    Arwen Lynch-Poe
  • Artist
    Stanley Morrison

What Customers Are Saying About Field Guide To Garden Dragons

The “Field Guide To Garden Dragons” is a 46-card whimsical fantasy deck that comes with a 135-page companion book. The instructions in the beginning of the book take the reader on a fantasy trip to identify garden dragons in their region, as well as others.

It is stated that anyone wishing to see garden dragons must look closely, as they are very good at camouflaging themselves. Very tongue in cheek, the reader is also asked to report any significant differences in how the dragon(s) they encounter from the descriptions given in this book to the Royal Dragon Society, accompanied by field notes and illustrations. BTW – Garden Dragons can be found almost anywhere – including your own back yard!

In the Guidebook each dragon is presented with a black and white scan, the common name, the scientific name, a keyword, appearance, habitat, field notes, and mystical meaning. The backs are reversible. I really, really appreciated that there are no borders on this deck – the imagery goes clear to each side. The imagery is very gentle and whimsical, with nice use of color. At the bottom of the card the common name of the dragon appears, along with a keyword, in dark coloring against a beige background.

I really felt that I wanted to know these little people, to go out into my yard, and sit and talk to them. For me, they brought a sense of peace. They could be used as a daily draw, as a “What do I need to know?”, or as an action card following a reading with other types of cards. How the reader chooses to use them is up to the reader, limited only by their imagination!

— Bonnie Cehovet, Certified Tarot Grand Master

A photo of this deck on Instagram grabbed my heart and imagination. I come from a long line of dragons, all of whom have a great sense of humor and adore the whimsical. That’s one reason Stanley’s art for the deck appealed to me. But there was another reason. As I said, my ancestors were dragons. I am the daughter of a savvy powerful dragon. This insider view means dragon art and literature can easily seem lacking to me, perhaps even pretentious. By contrast, the Instagram photo of this deck rang a tone that I recognized. It rings in my heart and bones. These cards were authentic. Stanley had, either consciously or subconsciously, tapped into something 100% real.

I was enchanted, in the true sense of the word. Everything, from the charming booklet, with its diminutive size, beautiful palette, and lovely cover, to the back of the cards, exuded a magic of beauty and love. Then, looking at those fronts each of which has a picture of a different dragon, was like looking at long lost friends. Every dragon critter greeted me with delight about our renewed acquaintance.

Had the booklet by Arwen been something other than fabulous, the deck alone would’ve been dear to me. But, as I read the booklet’s introduction, and several of the sections on specific dragons, I saw that Arwen was demonstrating the integrity, wit, and depth of metaphysical understanding that I’ve seen in her for decades.

I spend a lot of time with dragons. It’s part of my ancestral work, for one thing. I welcome these gorgeous, special dragons portrayed by Stanley back into my pack, and look forward to seeing what their wisdom is as Arwen intelligently interprets it, and what guidance they will whisper directly in my ear.

I love the Field Guide to Garden Dragons deck and book set. It’s special, in a class of its own.

Francesca De Grandis, OutlawBunny.com

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