Divine Feather Messenger
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Divine Feather Messenger
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2020 COVR Award Gold Winner for Visionary Product

2020 Winner People's Choice Award

2020 Winner Industry Choice Award

This inspirational deck brings the angelic insights and healing energy associated with “finding feathers” to those who seek divine guidance from the mystical realm of birds. Double-sided cards present feather art on one side, with a watercolor image of the bird and an affirmational message on the reverse. The guidebook shares special stories about the 44 different birds and relates their natural symbolism to colors, seasons, elements, and special energies. Set includes 44 double-sided cards and 80-page guidebook.

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    Card size: 2.5" x 5"
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    Alison DeNicola
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    David Scheirer

What Customers Are Saying About Divine Feather Messenger

Think of an angel deck but with birds. Soft beautiful, watercolor images. Inspirational messages, that are perfect for daily inspiration or end of reading “send off” messages. I have been using this one in a bit of a different way. I put the deck near my back porch and every time I see a bird look at me though the windows, I have been choosing a feather that calls to me and then reading the message that comes along with it. It’s been a fun way to focus my attention on and interact with the nature that I encounter daily.
Robyn's Reflections, Tarot collector and YouTuber

I was pleasantly surprised by the light and airy feeling of this deck. It would make sense that the Divine Feather Messenger cards relay such an uplifting mood because they are based on feathers found on birds from around the world. If you have a favorite feathered species chances are, you’ll see them in this unique deck of cards created by Alison DeNicola, illustrated by David Scheirer, and published by U.S. Games.

David Scheirer’s artwork is the spark of magic which brings life to the Divine Feather Messenger. He uses a delicate touch with the accuracy in the detail of the feathers he has rendered in watercolor. The soft pastel color palette also adds to the overall aesthetic of these cards. U.S. Games was also clever in the design of the card because they are tall and thin mimicking the shape and form of a feather. The size and shape of these cards set the Divine Feather Messenger apart from other decks but when you add the fact that  these cards are double sided you realize this is truly a unique deck on the market. One side of the cards feature the detailed image of a feather while the reverse features a life-like illustration of the species of bird. The image of the bird is set against an assorted selection of pastel toned backgrounds. Underneath the bird is an inspirational message.

The guidebook for this deck is brilliantly laid out. Alison DeNicola manages to pack in a wealth of knowledge and information into the 73-page book. For every single one of the birds gracing this deck is a paragraph discussing historical or anecdotal information about the bird. Then there is a message based on the information from the prior paragraph. After the message 4 separate categories of attributions are listed then finally an affirmation for each bird is suggested. This deck captures my fascination in the same way the little chickadees who visit each day do. With Divine Feather Messenger I can take that joy with me wherever I go by pulling a card, seeing the different birds, and reading the uplifting message. 

—Havana James, Forbidden Fruit Tarot

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