Tarot of a Moon Garden Borderless Deck & Book Set
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Tarot of a Moon Garden Borderless Deck & Book Set
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Tarot of a Moon Garden delivers its arcane secrets on the wings of dragonflies, butterflies, angels and fairies. Unicorns and dolphins bring insightful messages in this borderless deck that weaves together tarot symbolism, mythic expression, elemental magic, and the reflective phases of lunar energy. In the 192-page full-color illustrated companion book, Karen Marie Sweikhardt presents meditations, readings, and rituals along with descriptions of each tarot card to augment their symbolic meanings. Includes 78 purple gilt-edged cards, 192-page, full-color illustrated guidebook and a custom spreadsheet.

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    Box measures 4.5” x 6.9” x 2”; 78 cards measure 2.25” x 5”
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    Karen Marie Sweikhardt
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What Customers Are Saying About Tarot of a Moon Garden Borderless Deck & Book Set

US Games obviously kept an eye on the TarotTube community and saw the most common mod for this deck and gave us the deck in modified form, and it is great. This is a skinny, tall deck in a linen card stock (finally!), with a purple gilded edge. Really great. The book is super comprehensive and comes with a Wheel of the Year spread. Well played, US games. Well played. Thank you.
Amazon customer

The nostalgia and whimsy of this deck makes me smile. The majors have this dreamy feel that is perfect for the theme and the minors jump between RWS scenes but in a garden and cute pips, each presented with lush botanical scenery. The tall narrow size means that I can hold the unused cards tightly in my small hand until I am ready to pull them and it makes for a more connective experience with the cards. In combination with the removal of the boarders, this size provides a little more space for the artwork. The cards have a linen finish so the shuffle is also a nice experience. It’s just a calm and dreamy trip down memory lane with this set. The guidebook contains a lot of poetic descriptions of the artwork, divinatory meanings as well as a ritual or meditation for each of the cards. If you are a lover of a dreamy storybook style, poetry, pips, or purple, this one is for you.
Robyn's Reflections, Tarot collector & YouTuber

A beautiful new version of the original deck that was published back in 2012, this new version comes with a beautiful larger size guidebook that is in color with semi gloss pages.  The deck itself is now borderless and comes with purple foil gilded edges and slightly thinner than the regular size tarot but also a little longer.  The card stock is linen and shuffles like a dream, the deck size is also perfect for petite hands and makes it very easy to shuffle.  The deck follows the traditional Rider Waite Smith System and is very easy to read and interpret and I have had several successful and accurate readings with it myself.  The energy of the deck is nice and gentle, yet still very accurate and I am happy to have this new revised and improved version added to my tarot deck collection along with the original version which I also own.
Anne Ti, Tarot collector & YouTuber

It is gorgeous and I love the shape. The card stock is thin, but I think that is perfect for that deck. It shuffles like a dream. The book looks amazing also. I am loving the quality of decks and books that are coming from U.S. Games. Top notch really.
Amethyst Ascension, Tarot collector & YouTuber

An absolute treat of a tarot deck. I opened the box and felt a rush of emotions I haven’t felt since I lost my “youthful femininity” in 1994 with the high school jock. It brought me back to the days of Madonna and Ricki Lake. Succulent.
—Faye Runaway, Amazon customer

I really like the size, feel and shape of this borderless deck. The art is vivid and the booklet is one of the best you can get on tarot. There are rituals and deep insights for every card!
—Jenny_C_Bell on TikTok

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