Fearless: Fight Like A Girl Oracle
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Fearless: Fight Like A Girl Oracle
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In the emerging realm of feminine empowerment, “fearless” means being present with your fear and allowing your soul’s sovereignty to accompany it step by step. Our competitive society would have us believe that fearlessness comes from domination and battle-worthy behavior. But the new order encourages power through cooperation. To fight like a girl is to let your fear cooperate with your love. Let your hesitation champion your courage. Discover your power by facing down your demons, doubts and insecurities with this 44-card deck full of inspirational messages by muse Angi Sullins and art by Bente Schlick. Fear less and brave more, woman. It’s time you fight like a girl. Set includes 44 copper gilt-edged cards, 104-page guidebook and organza drawstring pouch. Packaged in a magnetic hinged, gold and orange foil accented box.

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      1 lb(s)
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    Box measures 4.375” x 6.375”; 44 cards measure 3” x 5”
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    Angi Sullins
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    Bente Schlick

What Customers Are Saying About Fearless: Fight Like A Girl Oracle

This deck is part self care, part soul searching, and part advice column. The entire oracle card meanings are meant to empower your growth. To encourage an action instead of inaction. I loved how Angie explained the use of Fear and fight in this deck... how we are meant to use it not shy away from it. I didnt find it as useful for a daily pull so much as a confidence boost reading, a shadow work prompt, and even a kick in the pants to get up and do the things! It is not a dark deck, even if some of the art seems darker. Its more a friend deck that sees what you need to do then cheers you on as you do it... but in that blunt friend way. Nothing is sugar coated. The cards held up well to regular use, are glossy with gilded edging. As with many US Games decks I've come to love how each deck is boxed with quality, from book pages to a mesh bag for the cards. This would be a great deck for those seeking help with self care, confidence, and taking action.
—Summer Ross (AstariaSen), YouTuber

I like the theme behind this oracle deck. The idea of taking it back to where the whole battle started. The guidebook is a great support in that shadowy place that some of these subjects can take you. Since I don’t work much in the shadow, I was happy to have the titles which have a keyword embedded in them. This made the deck versatile for me and gave me an additional layer to work with. What I really missed in this deck was more inclusive artwork. I really yearned to see girls of all colors, shapes, sizes, abilities fighting these battles. Sadly the opportunity was missed. Otherwise, I think it’s a strong deck with some powerful messages of support.
Robyn's Reflections, Tarot collector & YouTuber

A beautiful feminine deck by Angi Sullins, I use this deck for myself for daily draws to see what it is I need to work on, or general messages spirit would like me to know for the day, the messages have been very accurate for me and bring things to my attention that I may have not realized without using the deck.  A couple of the cards I had pulled were right on point, one being "The Meditating Fight" and the other being "The Self-Trust Fight", both were accurate as I was thinking I need to start meditating more and I am also working on self-trust more, especially when I do my own tarot readings for myself.  This is a great deck for self-growth and inner reflection and self-introspection.  Would make the perfect gift for those working on empowerment or wanting to be more empowered.
Anne Ti, Tarot collector & YouTuber
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