Divine Nature Oracle
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Divine Nature Oracle
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Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be? You were born golden, and the earthly experience of humanity conditions you to believe you’re made entirely of earth. But no matter how much encasing the world has put on you, nothing can change your divine nature: golden, radiant, valuable. This deck is like phoenix-fire, melting away all that does not belong to your divine nature. The 100-page book is full of feathers of insight and talons of badassery. You don’t need to rise from the fire, you ARE the fire, both divine and natural, a treasure beyond your wildest imaginings. It’s time that you spent it. Set includes 44 gold gilt-edged cards with foil accented backs, organza pouch and 100-page guidebook, packaged in a magnetic hinged, spot varnish accented box.

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      1.088 lb(s)
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    Box measures 4.25” x 6.375”; 44 cards measure 3” x 5”
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    Angi Sullins
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    Greg Spalenka

What Customers Are Saying About Divine Nature Oracle

Extraordinary, exceptional, impressive, memorable, the "Divine Nature Oracle Deck & Book Set" includes 44 gold gilt-edged cards with foil accented backs, an organza pouch and 100-page guidebook, packaged in a magnetic hinged, spot varnish accented box. This "Divine Nature Oracle Deck & Book Set" from U.S. Games Systems is ideal for gift giving to metaphysical practitioners and students.
—James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief at Midwest Book Review

This deck is a visual gem. First of all the backs of these cards are just mesmerizing! They somehow manage to be earthy and mystical all at the same time. Which is the exact theme and aesthetic of this deck. It’s very much a deck that speaks to the intuition though the texture and symbolism of the artwork but then also grounds you with the messages in the guidebook. I really did wish that there was some more diversity included among the human figures. Nevertheless, it was lovely to see such evocative artwork brought to the mass market. The packaging is beautiful and I have been appreciating the organza bag that’s been included with these decks. They really do come in handy when the cards are in continuous use, to avoid having to keep the box out on the table.
Robyn's Reflections, Tarot collector and YouTuber

I have Divine Nature and I truly love it. One of the best Oracles I’ve ever had and I have over 59.
—Samantha H.

I love everything about these cards. The artwork is amazing. The packaging, guidebook  & free oracle card pouch that was included was great too. Its rare these days that an author provides such a reasonable priced deck with all of these features. I'm a card reader as well as a card collector of well over 400 decks & this is a very good purchase. Very satisfied with my purchase. This product deck was done right! And also the gold gilded card edges were a beautiful touch.

Things I look for in an Oracle Deck:
Beautiful captivating images that grab your attention.
Cards that are easy to gently shuffle & glide through your fingers.
A beautiful backing is just as important to me as the art on the face of the cards.
The box and guidebook are easy to access and look up meanings.
This deck, while only 44 cards, checks off all the boxes for my requirements in a deck. The images and back of cards are beautiful. The cards themselves are a perfect size and glide easily through my fingers. The box and guidebook are well done. The box has a flip open magnetic close and the guidebook is simple and elegant, with color illustrations. I would recommend this deck for an add-on to tarot reading or for daily pull a card.


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