The Spirit of Herbs
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The Spirit of Herbs
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A Guide to the Herbal Tarot

Presents methods for tapping into the medicinal properties of herbs and for using herbs and Herbal Tarot cards together.

"The Herbal Tarot deck is a useful introduction to the art of herbalism as well as to the mysticism of the tarot. The symbolism of the deck offers understanding on many levels of the healing messages of the plant beings and shows how they can be teachers and healers of body/mind/spirit."

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    Michael Tierra and Candis Cantin
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What Customers Are Saying About The Spirit of Herbs

For me, this book nourished my soul and gave me insights to support my personal growth.  It helped me see how I can better support my children as well.  I felt surprisingly inspired on how to more fully assist my clients in creating lasting positive changes for themselves.
—Theresa P., Amazon customer

This book is wonderful, and I don't say that lightly. As an herbalist I found it helpful on many levels. With each card there is a corresponding herb and description that deals with the physical and spiritual health aspects of the card. There are ways to use the herbs as talismans or how to make them for consumption. My clients and I have always found the readings relevant and "right on".
—K.P. Wolf, Amazon customer

Great book for anyone interested in the Tarot and Herbal medicine. Michael Tierra covers not only the tarot card, with its beautiful imagery, but he also gives you in-depth info on the herb represented by that card. It is difficult to get this book, so if you can find it, grab it.
—P. Pitchford, Amazon customer

I have been using this book and the deck that goes with it for several years. It is a good reference companion to the deck and I always gain new insights into the cards and the plants each time I return to the book.
— Michelle, on Goodreads

This book is exactly what it says it is, A guide to the herbal tarot deck of cards. The herbal tarot deck can be purchased separately however, if all you purchase is the guide, it alone is a great resource for herbs, and how to use them medicinally and spiritually.  What this guide does is break down each card in the herbal tarot deck as each card represents a different herb or plant and it covers the spiritual history of the plant, the symbolism of the plant and the medicinal properties of how the plant was used through history.
—KSan, Amazon customer

Repeating a portion of what I said on the Deck's review: The Herbal Tarot guide (The Spirit of Herbs) is the most balanced and healing I've ever seen. Nothing judges. Nothing condemns. Everything orients toward great, ignorant, leafy ways. "Beloved, gaze in thine own heart," said Yeats in "The Two Trees". "Gaze no more in the bitter glass." The guide understands this intimately.
Every card is accompanied by a description devoid of old titles, which I've quickly come to appreciate. A card that I might previously simply read as "Failure," for instance, is merely and sweetly Valerian, and the meaning contains both all you fear and all you hope from that weeping figure. As a result, there is no need in the Guide (as there is in the LWB) for a separate "reversed" meaning. The deeper, wiser, balanced truths are all right here. This book is teaching me so much, in that way.
Moreover, while the deck follows many old social norms in the Rider-Waite tradition (although I am pleased to meet far more characters who are presented as female), the Guide does a wonderful job of gently moving past old, limiting ideologies.
I also appreciate that every card's entry contains a remarkable amount of information on the herb, including its scientific name, astrological correlation, spiritual and medicibal properties (plus dosing). There are also helpful key words and affirmations, as well as "Herbal allies."
Again, even with the affirmations (which could be cheesy), I again find genuine comfort, a wise and thoughtful outlook.
This Guide plus the deck are two items that form a wonderful new friend. I'm very grateful for such a healing tool. Thanks, Mr. Tierra!

—Christy L., Amazon customer

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