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Apprentice Tarot Deck
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Apprentice Tarot, based on the popular Universal Waite® deck, offers an engaging and enjoyable introduction to tarot. Beginners often start learning tarot by memorizing keywords. However, relying on memorization can limit readers’ understanding of a card, and hinders connection with the imagery. With the Apprentice Tarot Deck, keywords are printed right on the cards, making it easier for the apprentice to focus on the meaning in the visual clues. Includes a 36-page booklet with detailed instructions.

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    80 cards, 2.75” x 4.75”
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    Jody Boginski Barbessi
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What Customers Are Saying About Apprentice Tarot Deck

I teach Tarot and originally had students buy a second Rider-Waite deck to write cue words on to help get familiar with the cards. This is a much nicer way for them to learn both upright and reversed meanings. It also looks more professional as they gain confidence reading publicly.
Amazon customer

I am an absolute newbie at reading and interpretation of tarot cards. The annotations on each card helps me during my daily practice (along with several beginner books I purchased). The illustrations are standard for Rider-Waite…. beautifully detailed and colored. Would definitely recommend purchasing this deck for beginners like me.
D. Thomas, Amazon customer

Although I am a seasoned reader, I appreciate the extras on the cards.  I've been reading for a couple of decades, but I like the added details on these as I am often drawn to something to be included in the reading and I know I can expand on it as it comes through. They quickly became one of my fav go-to decks. Definitely recommend for newbies and seasoned readers alike.
—Amazon customer

I collect tarot and this was a nice addition. This is a great card set for a beginner, someone wanting to learn, or as a gift. Comes with some useful instructions too.
AJ, Amazon customer

I recommend this deck to anyone who is interested in learning how to read tarot. It is very helpful for beginners to have the card's meaning printed onto it, as it can help memorize as you learn. I like that this deck has 2 cards included that explain different spreads. The booklet is simply stapled paper, but it goes over basics about the deck and getting to know the basic how to stuff. Imagery is very classic and common, yet beautifully done and explained.
Lindsey, Amazon customer

I absolutely love decks with meanings on them...this one has RWS images, keywords on the cards upright and reversed, and on the suits cards sides have what each suit stands for and numbers meanings right on top of the cards learning has never been easier. Worth it especially for beginners.
Vidya, Amazon customer

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