Zodiac Tarot Deck & Book Set
Zodiac Tarot Deck & Book Set
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Zodiac Tarot brings us the world of astrology according to many cultures’ ancient stories, divinities and characters, giving incredible sources of images for divination. The Major Arcana correspond to the 12 Zodiac signs and 10 planets. The Minor Arcana are divided into the four elements and corresponding Zodiac signs. Traditional meanings of the RWS tarot are connected to new and unexpected astrological interpretations that help us grow our understanding of ourselves and the vast universe around us. Includes 128-page full-color illustrated book.

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    Box measures 3.2” x 5.5”; 78 cards measure 2.3” x 5”
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    Cecilia Lattari
  • Artist
    Ana Chávez
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What Customers Are Saying About Zodiac Tarot Deck & Book Set

This beautifully packaged set of 78 cards and fully colored guidebook combines the creators' love of tarot with the divinatory perspective of astrology. The combination of these two divination systems will provide further nuances and depth to your readings, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned reader looking for a way to spruce her practice with a fresh new perspectives. The very eye-pleasing artwork, with its bold and bright colors cast against the atmospheric ambiance of a night sky, just enhances the charm of Chavez' rendering of the tarot archetypes. The accompanying guidebook offers valuable enlightenment and guidance through the fascinating planetary and astrological connections of zodiac signs and tarot archetypes. Kudos to U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Mina, Reviewer at Mina's Bookshelf 

This deck is beautiful. Rich and vibrant art, and wonderful depictions of the original tarot while still having its own art style. The symbols for each element, astrological sign, and/or planetary association are on each card which is VERY helpful and makes it really nice to use in conjunction with other decks as well. Overall, this deck is LOVELY, and I deeply admire the artwork of these cards. I love using them in tandem with other decks to help remember and associate the correct astrological signs, elements, and planets with each card, and I enjoy the diverse representation in the deck. It is a really lovely deck to have in any collection.
—Velvet G., USGS customer

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