Tarot Decoratif Deck and Book Set
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Tarot Decoratif Deck and Book Set
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Tarot Decoratif artfully combines elements of two pillars of contemporary tarot practice, the Smith-Waite® Tarot and the Tarot de Marseille. Acclaimed tarot artist Ciro Marchetti provides a unique view of classical tarot iconography, paying homage to tradition while appealing to modern sensibilities. The 168-page illustrated guidebook explores the history, mythology and religion hidden in the 22 Triumphs (Major Arcana), and includes an in-depth course on how to interpret the Minor Arcana numerologically.

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    Box measures 5” x 6.125”; 78 cards measure 3” x 4.875”
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    Lee Bursten
  • Artist
    Ciro Marchetti
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What Customers Are Saying About Tarot Decoratif Deck and Book Set

I am a Ciro Marchetti Fan and love his work, his decks never disappoint.  This deck, like his previous decks, are full of bold, beautiful colors and is a combination of Rider Waite Smith and Marseille Style. The major arcana follows the traditional Rider Waite System and is very easy to read, even for the beginner tarot student.  The minor arcana follows the Marseille System featuring pip cards on the forefront of the cards, however there is also a small image of the Rider Waite System in the background of each minor card to jog your memory of the equivalent Rider Waite Card, for those who find it challenging reading pip cards, such as myself, it combines the best of both worlds between Rider Waite Smith and Marseille and is nicely done, one cannot ask for anything more in a deck!

Anne Ti, Tarot collector & YouTuber

CIro Marchetti had given up on tarot and moved on to other types of oracle decks. Then he attended a lecture by Russell Sturgess who suggested that the Tarot de Marseille was created by the Cathars, a Christian Gnostic movement dating back to the 12th century. Sturgess surmised that the symbolism in the Major Arcana was code that contained Cathar doctrine, hidden in plain sight.
Marchetti’s own research eventually led him to seamlessly meld the Tarot de Marseille imagery with that of the more familiar Rider-Waite-Smith and Thoth decks and then expand on it. The further incorporation of Art Deco styling renders this new deck a standout from one of the most outstanding tarot artists. Buy it for the fabulous illustrations and then see what you discover within them. There’s a wealth of symbolism to explore.

—Anna Jedrziewski, TarotWise.com

I have followed Ciro's work in tarot from the moment of it's beginnings. I dearly love all of his decks. This one, in only my initial opening of it, taking the time to really look in depth at, and to account for each card, what really can I say?
 I do feel like my heart has awoken, and is vibrant. Ciro has added the richness we've come to 'ooh and aww'  over with his every deck, only he gives us a Four of Wands celebration. Is he Artist or Clergy? He is The Juggler, The Magician and he has wed together a strong, steadfast and honorable union of Tarot.
My thanks to both Ciro Marchetti and Lee Bursten. I had stopped and read a bit of the book. It is going to be something that I will the pages of again and again. I appreciate the work you've both done. I know exactly how I will be spending my next several hours. One added appreciation of mine, I was beyond a state of happiness with the Art Deco. This has alway been my most favorite style of art, design and time period.
Lastly, for the people that are as I, this is wonderful and substantial quality card stock. This is yet another reason to cheer about this deck. So this to be stood out... Here goes!  Card Stock is quality! Card stock is not blowing away if someone sneezed or hard a light cough. It is great and so desperately missing in decks on many years now. We can work in our readings with our hands laying out a great feeling of cards. Happy and thrilled with the great quality card stock!

—Ginny, Amazon customer

This is a unique rendition of tarot. The pips are Marseilles style PLUS pictorial style that one finds in RWS decks. In addition to explanatory and divinatory meanings, the accompanying book offers a historical look at the times and places of tarot. Marchetti also pioneers his own system in Tarot Decoratif, using (e.g., elemental, numerological) keywords to give us a new shorthand. I found these innovations quantitative and structured. In short, Tarot Decoratif fuses elements of RWS and Marseilles and carves into new conceptual terrain. I highly recommend this deck.

—Melissa, Amazon customer

Tarot Decoratif by Ciro Marchetti was first an exclusive special edition deck, but it's now available via U.S. Games Systems. How exciting! Here we find how RWS meets the TdM in a vivid Art Deco style. 
Premised on a theory that the early tarot features the Mysteries of the Cathars hidden in plain sight (intentionally ambiguous so as to avoid persecution by Roman Catholic authorities), this Marseille-inspired deck modernizes the pictorial stories of Christian Gnosticism in a magical realist style that combines color blocking iconic of TdM and the glamorous, ornamental, refined craftsmanship of Marchetti's work.
The pips in this deck are Marseille in composition, with the addition of beautiful vignettes based on the RWS. The deck piqued the Hubby's interest and he took a look through the cards before I had a chance to see them. I am not the only one to have commented on how Ciro Marchetti decks seem to have this particular appeal to dudes.

—Benebell Wen, Tarot author and reviewer at benebellwen.com
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