I Ching Holitzka Deck
I Ching Holitzka Deck
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A truly unique deck, with beautiful watercolors that are accented with gold. Penetrate the ageless wisdom of China through the keys of the I-Ching.

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What Customers Are Saying About I Ching Holitzka Deck

I first saw this wonderful deck on a tarot site and soon after purchased the deck. The cards are flexible and thinly coated. The artwork is just like the box says... classical chinese watercolor paintings. Simple, direct, and to the point. I fell in love with them immediately. 
The little white booklet that comes with it is quite hefty ( 114 pages) and packed with information. Straight forward, simple instructions for using the deck right away. It takes an ancient oracle and updates it for modern people. I highly recommend this deck to anyone.

— D. Murphy, Amazon customer

These cards are as beautiful as they are mystical. As a collector of various fortunetelling cards, I just had to have this I Ching deck after seeing the traditional artwork. The cards came with a detailed guide book that show how to do a reading and even includes an example reading to help with understanding. The card interpretations are detailed and yet still easy to understand. I am still getting used to the cards and have only done two readings so far, but they are very informative and insightful. While they aren't as detailed as my Mahjongg fortunetelling deck, they are definitely better than typical oracle cards. I am very pleased with this product and cannot wait to do readings for family and friends. The images are just breathtaking and I just know my querents will love them.

— J. Faullet, Amazon customer

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