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Touchstone Tarot
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For Touchstone Tarot, Kat Black created sumptuous tarot collages from Baroque masterpieces, bringing new layers of meaning to readings. The sensual portraits are imbued with subtle facial expressions and nuances that can help the reader intuitively connect with the cards. Familiar Rider-Waite-Smith imagery makes Touchstone Tarot accessible for readers at every level of experience.

Presented in an elegant box, this deluxe 80-card deck with gold gilt edges comes with an optional extra Happy Squirrel card. The 108-page illustrated guidebook includes card meanings, card spreads and art references.

Kat Black has been an artist and performer for over twenty years using a wide variety of media. She exhibited as a painter before moving into digital art. Her main art forms currently are video projection, interactive installation and digital collage. Kat was born and currently resides in Australia, although she has also lived in the US and the UK. In collaboration with her partner Jasper Cook, she creates video projection and public art as VJzoo.

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    Box measures 3.85” x 5.35”; 80 cards measure 3.5” x 5”
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    Kat Black
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What Customers Are Saying About Touchstone Tarot

This is the best deck of Tarot cards I have ever had. I am beyond delighted. These cards are beautiful. Guilded edges, beautiful illustrations, sharp images. Wonderful companion book. I also have the Golden Tarot by Kat Black. Also a beautiful set of cards! But this deck is her best yet! Highly recommended!!!

—Elizabeth Carrillo, Amazon customer

The Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black is a masterfully done digital collage deck that you would never know was digital collage unless told. Working with Renaissance and Baroque classical art, the deck is a European art gallery in a box. The earthen tone box is embossed with gold leaf and metallic gold frames every card image. The card backs are also embossed with gold leaf, in ornate brown and black filigree and floral patterns. The exquisite production value here by U.S. Games means this would be a great gift idea for someone just being introduced to tarot.

One of the features I appreciate the most is the inclusion of all art references and a card art description in the companion guidebook. Too many digital collage art decks omit any credits, attributions, or citations. If you’re working with public domain art, technically you don’t need them, but it’s always a nice-to-have, and here, I really love that Black lets you know exactly what all her sources are.

The cardstock is high-gloss but really sturdy, and just feels like great attention to detail went into its crafting. Since the art is sourced from Baroque paintings, you’re going to get strong Christian references, which I don’t mind.

The guidebook is wonderful. It includes a description of the card image, the card meaning in a reading, and the meaning in reverse. There are many little details that you’ll want to know about, so if you get this deck, definitely give the LWB a read-through.

Art history lovers are going to love this deck. Those who want to work with the RWS but not the RWS 1911 deck itself are also going to love this deck. Black has such a masterful command over tarot knowledge that she is able to translate key RWS symbology– the iconography you’re most likely to latch onto– and reproduce them in her decks. It’s one of the reasons I loved the Golden Tarot back in the day and it’s one of the reasons why I highly recommend the Touchstone Tarot.

 —Benebell Wen

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